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Gift tax in Poland

irishkiddy 1 | 5
6 Aug 2020 #1
I want to gift my girlfriend roughly 100k PLN so that she can pay off her mortgage and save lots on interest payments.
She plans to repay me, but will there be any tax on this one off "gift" transfer?
If so what is the tax free limit?
Ziemowit 13 | 4,407
6 Aug 2020 #2
First, if she plans to repay it, it isn't a gift, but a loan. So the taxation would be different, but I don't know what it will be in either case.
OP irishkiddy 1 | 5
31 Aug 2020 #3
Obviously we want to minimise the tax payable - as the idea of the early repayment is to save on interest.
Does anybody have a link to a financial forum from Poland, or some good reading material?
Recommendations on a decent financial advisor would also be appreciated - we are based in Krakow but could of course deal with one remotely if they are suitable.
OP irishkiddy 1 | 5
4 Feb 2021 #4
I see there is a relief of 4,902 PLN over 5 years from donors from category 3.

Is this relief per donor or receiver - ie if 10 people wanted to gift 4,900 each she could receive 49,000 tax free, without having to report it?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
4 Feb 2021 #5
without having to report it?

Per donor, but you'd almost certainly trigger an investigation as to where those 10 people got the money from, as it would look highly suspicious.

Pay the tax and get on with it.

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