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What car modifications can be performed on a car registered in Poland?

CrackersWorld 2 | 1
12 Dec 2018 #1

Since lot of cars get modified here in Poland, I'd like to know if the car I purchase is legal or no.
In details:
1. Can the engine be swapped without limitations?
2. If no, can the engine be swapped for another one from the same car model but with different size/capacity/power? For example, the engine from a mercedes w203 c230 into a mercedes w203 c200

3. Can any other mechanical part be swapped? Like take a transmission or a differential from a thir party car parts builder company and put it into the car.

4. If no, can it be done using the original car manufacturer's parts?
5. Can the front/rear bumpers and sideskirts be swapped using non original parts?

I'm a little concerned because there are lot and lot of old cars that may have been modified with stuffs that in my country of origin are considered illegal, so I don't really want to have trouble with insurance or yearly car inspection.

I know these are not easy questions to answer but my limited polish language skills don't allow me to get all the informations I'd like on polish law.

So thanks in advance for any answer.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
13 Dec 2018 #2
Fellow moto sport enthusiast, seaking of which, the first 7 second car (a c3 corvette), these are the answers to your questions far as I understand them:

1) Yes. Swaps/mods are allowed, but they must comply with emissions standards and roadworthiness test to be street legal and to get your car registered

2) Yes, and from other makes/models. But I don't know why you'd want to put a c230 engine into a c200. That's a big waste of money if you ask me and will give you no significant performance increase. If you're looking for a 2.0l cyl swap I'd go for an evolution engine or a wrx sti engine. Engines are taxed according to displacement and the annual tax can is a bit pricey for larger v8s and higher.

3. Yes

4. OEM is the standard way of replacing parts by most body shops, mechanics, etc. worldwide unless a customer specifically requests aftermarket

5. Body kits are allowed. I would recommend against them though in Poland as your front lip will be obliterated within a few weeks.

The main thing is that your car has to pass emission standards and has to pass the roadworthiness check which makes sure things like lights (which have to be on at all times technically), suspension, brakes, chasis and such all work and are in good condition. You can have mods and aftermarket parts but they must all be in good working condition.

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