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Car Insurance in Poland for only 2-3 months

13 Aug 2021 #1
Hello, I am wondering about car insurance in Poland, I have a few questions.
1. Is it possible to get short term car insurance, say for 2-3 months only?
2. If this is possible, does anyone know roughly how much it would cost per month for an 18y/o who has only recently passed their test to get insured.

3. Does being insured in Poland mean that you are allowed to drive in different countries in Eastern Europe?
4. Can you drive in Poland with an Irish license (short term only)?
Roibeard79 3 | 56
16 Aug 2021 #2
4. Can you drive in Poland with an Irish license (short term only)?

a driving licence issued in the EU or EFTA member state is recognised in Poland and can be used as long as it is valid. It does not need to be exchanged.
Atch 17 | 4,003
16 Aug 2021 #3
@ Scallywag, I assume somebody is letting you use their Polish reg car while you're in Poland? In Poland, it's the car that's insured, not the driver so anyone can drive a car that is insured and your age doesn't matter. .

To be honest if you're only 18 and recently passed your test you are literally risking your life if you drive on Polish roads. Ireland has the safest roads in the EU after the UK, Poland the most dangerous. People drive like lunatics here, they drive at excessive speed, they drive drunk ...... and they drive on the other side of the road compared to Ireland which an inexperienced driver would struggle with.

You have to realise that what we'd classify as joyriding in Ireland, by a bunch of skangers who've nicked a car, is pretty normal driving in Poland. It's better than it was ten or twenty years ago but it's still madness compared to Ireland.

@Roibeard, how are you finding driving in Poland compared to the UK? Hope things are going well for you btw :)
Roibeard79 3 | 56
16 Aug 2021 #4
All good thanks. In Poland vs UK, at least the car can move here as living in London anytime i drove it would be sitting in traffic. I have done a good bit of driving here now and agree there are some crazy drivers out there!!

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