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Medical Check for Polish Driving Licence

rhongo 1 | -
14 Jun 2011 #1
Good morning. I am a Mexican and just exchanged my driving licence for the Polish one but since the mexican have an expiration date, I will have to take a Medical exam to obtain the "unlimited" driving licence. I have been looking around for a place to have this medical test but have't found one.

Does any of you know for a place where I can have this test on Warsaw - Wawer?

14 Jun 2011 #2
rhongo, I don't know of any places in Wawer, there is a company called Damiana, they seen to cater for all things medical, I have been a client of this hospital for years,we are satisfied.
rdhir 6 | 19
29 Jun 2011 #3

I am from India and would like to exchange my Indian DL to Polish DL. Please let me know the procedure you followed for the exchange.

thanks in advance!

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