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Duty rules - threshold for paying duty on goods?

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12 Mar 2011 #1
What is the threshold for paying duty on packages mailed from America to Poland? I have always heard $25, but one of my colleagues claims that this amount varies depending on the contents. Also, he says that used items typically are not charged duty regardless of their worth - I find that hard to believe...

Does anyone have knowledge of these rules or a office/website that outlines these rules? Thanks in advance for all constructive input!
12 Mar 2011 #2
I understand it is €40.

I have had to pay duty on used items in just the same way as new ones.
13 Mar 2011 #3
What if it is your stuff from home?
13 Mar 2011 #4
Contact the nearest polish consulate for that information.

Home / Law / Duty rules - threshold for paying duty on goods?
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