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Compensation claim/Litigation/No win-no fee lawyer

Pike Bishop 2 | 4
6 Mar 2022 #1
I broke my leg in April last year and had a metal plate inserted. During this surgery or post-op, the bone became infected with bacteria.

Unfortunately the infection destroyed some of the bone at the knee joint and after 3 more surgeries, I still need another big one to fix this.

The type of surgery needed has still not been decided.

Almost a year after going to hospital with a broken leg, I am still using a crutch, paying for physio every week, and a long way from being fully recovered (if ever)

I'm not looking for sympathy btw. Sh*t happens and I know there's plenty of people in worse sh*t than me.

I would like to start building a case for compensation from the hospital.
Are there specialist lawyers who deal with this?
Does Poland have no win-no fee lawyers?
I am based in Gdansk, if that matters.

Any advice appreciated.
Atch 17 | 4,046
6 Mar 2022 #2
Does Poland have no win-no fee lawyers?

In theory, no. It's against the law for a lawyer to not charge. There is a minimum set charge for all legal services. But ......

There's also these people who give free legal advice It's not clear if they represent you for free.

You can use google translate if your Polish isn't fluent.

I'm not looking for sympathy btw.

Well, you're certainly entitled to it. It's not the first tale I've heard of a botched surgery in Poland. And I had a minor surgical procedure here myself which was cocked up.
OP Pike Bishop 2 | 4
7 Mar 2022 #3
Many thanks.
That's exactly what I was looking for.
And I hope you are fully healed after your experience.
Atch 17 | 4,046
7 Mar 2022 #4
Oh yes, I'm fine thanks. It was just an infection because they made a mess of the stitches. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience though. Hope you'll have a good outcome for both your health and your pocket! :)

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