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Can you transcribe this name?

DellaC 1 | 2
18 Aug 2021 #1
I recently visited St. Catharine of Siena parish in Reading, PA. They house the Sacramental records of the historic Polish church there, St. Mary's. My husband's grandfather (Stanislaw) was orphaned around 1915; we were hoping to find information about him and his parents. Unexpectedly, we found the attached baptismal record for a child, sibling to Stanislaw, who likely died young. Can anyone transcribe the name? Additionally, can you say what gender it would be for?

mafketis 37 | 10,880
18 Aug 2021 #2
The beginning of the name looks like Zygmunt (but there's more after it)
Paulina 17 | 4,469
18 Aug 2021 #3
Yes, I think it's Zygmunt - that's a male name. What follows after that is scribbled terribly, I think it could be (...)aresicz. It's hard to say...
OP DellaC 1 | 2
18 Aug 2021 #4
Thank you @mafketis and @Paulina.
OP DellaC 1 | 2
18 Aug 2021 #5
I should add that many names seemed to have been Latinized in the baptismal records. Dominic, for instance, was Dominicus. Could the second name be some form of Xavier? Csaverius, perhaps? I saw where the X in Latin can sometimes be written as "Ks", so I'm thinking, why not "Cs", particularly since that interesting hook on the capital C of the father's last name seems to repeat on the child's middle name.
Looker - | 1,134
18 Aug 2021 #6
(but there's more after it)

Maybe Zygmuntus?

could be (...)aresicz

My wild guess is Tsarewicz

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