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Is There A Name For This Dialect?

marion kanawha 1 | 2
13 Oct 2021 #1
The time is the year 1900 or so. These are Polish people who lived around Minsk in modern day Belarus. They were Polish in culture, traditions, religion, foods, etc. These are my relatives. They came to America from my father's side. My mother's people came from the Lublin area. When they got together, they couldn't understand each other well. Those from Lublin said they spoke Russian. I know those from Minsk spoke Polish with heavy Byelorussian-Russian influence. Was there a name for this dialect?
Paulina 13 | 3,573
13 Oct 2021 #2
@marion kanawha, yes, there is - it's called "dialekt północnokresowy" (the Northern Eastern Borderlands dialect):

A fragment from an article in Wikipedia (in English) about Polish language (from the section about dialects):

"Poles living in Lithuania (particularly in the Vilnius region), in Belarus (particularly the northwest), and in the northeast of Poland continue to speak the Eastern Borderlands dialect, which sounds "slushed" (in Polish described as zaciąganie z ruska, "speaking with a Ruthenian drawl") and is easily distinguishable."
OP marion kanawha 1 | 2
13 Oct 2021 #3
Many thanks for the information. Now I remember these relatives mentioning the dialect was called "HA-hol". This is a phonetic pronunciation because I do not know how the write it in Polish. They told me it was a derogatory term for the language. It was like saying somebody spoke like a "hill-billy" in English. Ignorant and backwards. Has anybody heard of this term? "HA - hol". Thanks for all the info.
Bobko 11 | 982
13 Oct 2021 #4
@marion kanawha
Hahol or Hohol is a now derogatory term for Ukrainians. The word comes from their characteristic hairstyles.
OP marion kanawha 1 | 2
13 Oct 2021 #5
Thank you. This is, to say the least, an eye-opener for me. I have a couple other language "terms" that I will post later. I need to ask my relatives about some things.

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