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Will Germans be able to understand Polish enough?

GefreiterKania 36 | 1,397
24 Jun 2023 #61
The Pole the blond hero and the German the dark Mongol?

Well, those were small details. I meant the overall message.

a common history book of our both peoples would met difficulties... :)


Yeah - imagine Kaczynski and Chrupalla sitting down to write a chapter or two!
Ironside 53 | 12,424
24 Jun 2023 #62
@Bratwurst Boy
Seems like Germans have this preconception that Poles are dark haired for some reason.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,831
24 Jun 2023 #63 ja....there is this "Siegfried" - Gold.....with his blond curls whereas his adversary Hagen von Tronje (the much more interesting character of the two) was written as dark and

It seems rather a european thing to do to make the "heroes" blond....not only a german thing....most Germans are brunettes, I believe...
Ironside 53 | 12,424
24 Jun 2023 #64
@Bratwurst Boy
Could be, I wonder when it started?
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,831
24 Jun 2023 #65
.....good know, as new research shows the Ur-Europeans (out of Africa) got the blue eyes and lighter skin/hair only quite recently, an evolutionary means to survive alot better in this colder and less sunny region.

So....just maybe....someone being more fair was more attractive to the girls back then and more sought to father their children because of better chances of survival???

Another theory is about the fair hair, eyes, skin and white clothes just stands for the "good", "clearness", the "light"...and dark means "night", mysterious, dangerous, murky...
Ironside 53 | 12,424
24 Jun 2023 #66
@Bratwurst Boy
I was thinking Roman heĺl, under ground, or Indo-European sky father battling dark gods underbelly or Aruman
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
25 Jun 2023 #68
Mark Twain quipped that a German sentence is frequently sooooo long, it practically has a perspective, requiring a telescope to get from end to the otherLOL

He may well be right. Ck. out the opening paragraphs of Kleist's "The Marquise of O" to glimpse the longest sentence in the German language; makes complete sense, yet for nearly an entire paragraph, is separated solely by commas!!!
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,831
25 Jun 2023 #69 our both languages seem to have two special features

Polish - to few vowels
German - to long words

Guys and could be so much worse....long words without vowels! :)
Ironside 53 | 12,424
25 Jun 2023 #70
That would be great language for Lyzko.
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
26 Jun 2023 #71
A "logical" compromise though would never be possible! We must simply accept the Tower of Babel which is our present world. Esperanto, Volapuek, computer languages have all royally failed as THE single lingua franca, and of course English is often a disaster as in the analogy I provided in my earlier post.
pawian 223 | 24,390
22 Jul 2023 #72
And we all (or almost all) learnt German at school as the third language.

In my primary school times, there were more teachers of German than of English. That is why I learnt German at a state school while English at after school courses. Amasing.
Alien 20 | 4,979
22 Jul 2023 #73
more teachers of German than of English.

It's interesting because in Katowice, where I grew up, teaching German was informally forbidden. There was only one high school with the German language. Later, however, it was possible to attend evening courses.
pawian 223 | 24,390
22 Jul 2023 #74
It's interesting because in Katowice

Amasing. Teaching German Ex German partition zone was a sensitive matter to polish communists, then. Similarly, keeping old German cemeteries in good shape was also dubious. .
Ironside 53 | 12,424
31 Jul 2023 #75
nah, you could learn it all right anywhere, there was Russian, English, German and French in School in that order.

For my relative that fought in Verdun for Kayzer. :D
pawian 223 | 24,390
31 Jul 2023 #76
you could learn it all right anywhere, there was Russian, English, German and French in School in that order.

One French teacher per 200 schools. One English teacher per 100 schools. and so on. Russian teachers were everywhere and German in 50%. In my primary school we had Russian and German. In my high school Russian, German and English.There was only one teacher of English and two of German.

Judging by your poor participation in historical threads, I am better than you at history. Kneel down when you talk to an expert. hahahahaha
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
31 Jul 2023 #77
I know of several Germans who studied Polish at university and apparently were able to use it professionally. Both currently work at Polish companies:-)

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