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Foreigners speaking Polish - examples.

strzyga 2 | 993
24 Sep 2012 #31
also speaking good polish may make him seem even more mentally deranged

It's no more deranged than my "duplo kavi" (I don't even know how to write it properly) when ordering coffee in Hungary :)

I think you worry too much. If the customer seems nice, a longer conversation is likely to issue, in whatever language. But if he looks like a nutcase, no amount of Polish is going to help him :)
24 Sep 2012 #32
Is it ok to speak polish very badly to someone in Poland even if the other person speaks reasonable english?

Blimey! There's hope for me yet! Don't think i've ever heard Polish spoken so badly!
Having said that Catsoldier, people learn by making mistakes as i'm sure you know.
Even when my Polish was much worse than it is now, i still spoke Polish to people in shops when i was in Poland.
Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to speak Polish on a regular basis, when else are you going to get the chance to practice it?

I've made a fair few howlers speaking it abroad in the past, and probably did make a fool of myself, but by and large most Poles were laughing with me, not at me!

Most will respect you for at least making the effort!
Piorun - | 658
24 Sep 2012 #33
The only way to do this correctly is to have a laugh with the two behind the counter otherwise he can't but appear silly

Cool, at the end of the video the expression on his face is priceless. He's so proud of himself a genuine sense of accomplishment.

In my opinion the only way to this correctly is to try, no matter how badly you might sound to others. When the girl behind the counter tried speaking english he didn't even flinch but insisted on the conversation to be carried on in polish, more power to him. The only way to learn is to practice what you have learned thus far, nothing wrong with that, I think he did OK. I'm sure the shop attendants found this situation a bit amusing afterwards and might have cracked a few jokes after he left the shop, but he did catch them off guard.

Even the Old Blue Eyes himself sang in Polish, at the end of this clip you'll hear him having a go at Polish.
Kamila Polish - | 6
24 Sep 2012 #34
Foreign students learning in Poland about the Polish language. Sarah and Gudrun are learning Polish. Listen to them speaking about their motivation:
Tim Bucknall 7 | 98
8 Dec 2012 #35
you need to hear some of the Polish Language programmes on China Radio International!
i thought i'd discovered a new language!

i listened to their Czech service for 10 minutes once before i could figure out what language it was supposed to be!

it is a hard Language to learn compared to Czech, Portugese is almost as hard.
theres actually a lot of similar sounds in Portugese & Polish that i have trouble with
Wulkan - | 3,251
9 Dec 2012 #36
you need to hear some of the Polish Language programmes on China Radio International!

any link?
Tim Bucknall 7 | 98
11 Dec 2012 #37
sorry i can't find the webstream. but 963am (if you don't live near a Twoje Radio transmitter) or anywhere between 7200 & 7400 short wave in the evenings
OP pawian 168 | 11,014
18 Dec 2012 #38
any link?

The site is here:

but seems to be based on texts mainly.

I tried to open some audio or video, to no avail.
Malopolanin 3 | 133
4 Jul 2015 #39
2 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

6 years in Poland:

7 and 8 years in Poland:

11 years in Poland:

12 years in Poland:

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