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First Year Polish Second Edition Revised and Expanded - Oscar E. Swan (White Cover)

devilslayer 1 | 11
8 Nov 2017 #1
Does anybody have a copy of the First year Polish book by Oscar E Swan Second Edition, with the WHITE COVER?

I have this book, but it has a yellow cover. I ordered a book from a book website, with the white cover, and received another copy of the book with the yellow cover.

I contacted the publisher of this book and they have told me that both books contain exactly the same content:

As for the differences in cover: these are purely cosmetic between different reprints. The white cover and the yellow cover are the same 2nd edition first published in 1983; sorry for the confusion!

The problem is that I ordered some workbooks and audio to accompany this book from Ohio State University Foreign Language Publications

I also purchased the intermediate and Advanced bundles, however the audio and the text differ. Not by much, but they are not the same.

The audio files that I received do not entirely match the text in the Oscar E. Swan book. The university website has since removed these from sale, until they can get hold of a white covered copy of the book to compare with the audio files they sell.

If you have the WHITE COVERED book can you confirm that the words under p t k are the same?

For example

Book text (Page xix, B. Pronunciation, 1. Constanants p t k):

pas, mapa, karp; ten, kot, data; kura, oko, rok.

In the audio two of the words are different.

Audio (Polish 01, tape 01C):

pas, mapa, łop; ten, kot, data; koc (sounds like English cots), oko, rok.

As you can see the audio differs from the text (the 3rd and 7th words are different). I would like to know if the white covered book matches the audio, or is it exactly the same as the yellow covered book and matches the book text above?

I have tried other audio files and they too don't totally match the text within the First Year Polish Swan book 2nd Edn Revised and Expanded.

The audio was originally on casette tapes, but the university put them onto CD ROM as MP3's, hence 'tape' in the title of the file - Polish 01, tape 01C.

Thank you for your help.
DominicB - | 2,707
8 Nov 2017 #2
The third edition, complete with sound files, is available online for free, together with the reference grammar, at:

Click on First Year Polish Course, then Computer Drills, and you will have a list including the main program and all of the associate sound files and instructions to use them.

The third edition is much better than the second. And it's free.
Ziutek 9 | 160
8 Nov 2017 #3
You can find that extract in the white covered book in Google books:

It looks like it is the same as in your copy.
OP devilslayer 1 | 11
8 Nov 2017 #4

Thank you for your reply. I already have the files that you stated are at lektorek

Have you actually tried to download the audio files, lektorek program and computer drills?

When I try to download them, they are not available to download and produce a 404 (page not found) error.

If you have managed to download the audio files and computer drills etc, then could you please explain how you did it?

Here is my attempt, screencasted using Jing

Best Regards

OP devilslayer 1 | 11
8 Nov 2017 #5

Thanks for your reply. However, both books have the exact same ISBN you cannot be sure that the text in Google Books is actually from the version with a white cover. I actually ordered a book from an online seller and the photo had the wite cover, but i received the yellow covered one.
Ziutek 9 | 160
8 Nov 2017 #6
I'm not a librarian, but I was under the impression that if two books have the same ISBN, they also have the same content.

I've heard that Oscar Swann is very helpful if contacted but it might be a bit of a stretch to ask for technical help.
OP devilslayer 1 | 11
8 Nov 2017 #7

Yes, that is what I was led to believe too. I purchased supplementary material (audio + workbooks) from Ohio State University Foreign Publications (OSUFP). The audio files do not match the Swan book that I have. It is the Second Edition and this is what book is listed in the workbook.

The lady that I talked to on the phone (via skype) at the OSUFP told me that she had never had anybody contact her before about a mismatch between the Swan book and audio files that they sell.

I thought that she had sent me audio files from the first edition of the book by mistake, but she assures me that this is not the case.

I have since found out that the audio files she sent me are for the First Edition of the book. I checked it with Google books and the text in the 1st Edition matches the audio she sent me.

Ziutek 9 | 160
8 Nov 2017 #8
OK. Glad you got there in the end. Good luck with your Polish.
29 Aug 2020 #9
I'm late to this thread, but @devilslayer I'm looking for the audio files as a companion to the Swam text. When I go to the website, I also get the 404 error you mentioned above. I was wondering where did you end up finding the right audio files?
11 Apr 2021 #10
can someone post the OSU CD??? Ohio doesn't sell them
14 Jul 2021 #11
As mentioned above, the links at for the audio files are indeed broken. I would love to find these somewhere but they are hard to find. The store at OSU says the product is not available.
Lyzko 45 | 9,287
14 Jul 2021 #12
I've had the Swan for years and swear by it! Still looking for the Polish Strunk & White. Figure it's "Polski jezyk, straszny jezyk" by Jan Miótek-:)
Bishop11 - | 2
17 Jul 2021 #13

Please help me with link to the Swan polish language book you have? also drop link of other useful language materials for Polish language

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