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Are czegos and coś interchangable?

30 Jul 2021 #1
Are czegos and coś interchangable
Oathbreaker 4 | 389
30 Jul 2021 #2
czegoś - An item or /something belonging to someone/somebody
coś - something
Depends if your vague about it or not, and if you want to underline it belonging to someone or dismiss it. "Coś" is far more applicable and general while "czegoś" is used in a more specific situation or situations regarding the relationship somebody has with said item and who or how many possess it
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
30 Jul 2021 #3
Tadek, boije sie! - Czego? = Ted, I'm scared! - Of what?
mafketis 37 | 10,880
30 Jul 2021 #4
, boije sie

boję się (not sure if Tadek or Tadku sounds more natural now).
Ironside 51 | 12,473
30 Jul 2021 #5
By the way that name is so outdated, generation of my grandparents would use it...
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
30 Jul 2021 #6
With exceptions, such as a current student of mine, Ironside is correct. Then again, names, as with fashions, do go through phases:-)
@Maf, even more diminuated "Tadziu" LOL
pawian 223 | 24,583
30 Jul 2021 #7
Are czegos and coś interchangable

Fifty fifty. There are contexts when they aren`t. E.g, Widzę coś! You can`t say: widzę czegoś.
31 Jul 2021 #8
"I want something" = "(Ja) chcę coś"
"I don't want something" = "(Ja) nie chcę czegoś"

"I (don't) need/use/listen to something" = "(Ja) (nie) potrzebuję/używam/słucham czegoś"

"I (don't) ask/fight for something" = "(Ja) (nie) proszę/walczę o coś"

"I (don't) pay for something" = "(Ja) (nie) płacę za coś"

"This is (not) good for something" = "To (nie) jest dobre na coś"

"I am (not) (some verbs of movement/motion) ahead of/after/behind/above/under something" = "(Ja) (nie) (some verbs of movement/motion) za/po/przed/nad/pod coś"

"...instead of/without something" = "...zamiast/bez czegoś"

"...of something" = "...z czegoś"
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
31 Jul 2021 #9
How then would you/one distinguish both the meaning and the usage of "czego" vs. "czegoS"? The compensatory "s with accent mark" is required here as elsewhere,

but I still don't understand why or how it is used. Please clarify:-)
31 Jul 2021 #10

"Co/Czego/Czemu/Czym" = "What"

"Coś/Czegoś/Czemuś/Czymś" = "Something"

"Co(ś) (nie) jest..." = "What/something is (not)..."

"For (the purpose/use of) what/something" = "Na co(ś)"

"For (the benefit of) what/something" = "Dla czego(ś)"

"Of (pertaining to/component of/detail of/origin of/ownership of/possession of) what/something" = "Z czego(ś)"

"Without what/something" = "Bez czego(ś)"

"Instead of what/something" = "Zamiast czego(ś)"

"Thanks to what/something" = "Dzięki czemu(ś)"

"With what/something..." = "Z czym(ś)"
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
31 Jul 2021 #11
N.p. "CZYM moge sluzyc?* = (lit.) With what may [I]serve? czyli How can I help you? -:)
Alien 21 | 5,223
31 Jul 2021 #12
You can`t say: widzę czegoś.

But you can say: nie widze czegos.

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