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Burak or redneck?

jon357 74 | 22,050
27 Apr 2019 #31
meaning in Polish very likely originated

You probably didn't realise that it means beetroot in Polish, Sh1tty...
Shitonya Brits
27 Apr 2019 #32
Burak implies a total lack of sophistication and a very narrow world view combined with a very low standard of behaviour.

Indeed, an very apt description for a defeated Ottoman which no Pole would want to be labeled as rather giving a double meaning to a staple ingredient in many traditional Polish recipes.
jon357 74 | 22,050
27 Apr 2019 #33
It means beetroot (not that you knew that...); no connection with anyone's name.
10iwonka10 - | 395
28 Apr 2019 #34
I think in everyday colloquial language 'burak' has not so strong meaning. If someone does something stupid- one off- not according to general savoir-vivre we can call him burak.

>>>And nearly always overweight, a drinker, superstitious but not necessarily very religious, poor taste, a mistrust of anyone outside their immediate family and with a low IQ. True underclass.>>>>

I would not say that in everyday usage it has so strong meaning.

Another thing using word 'wsioch', 'wsiok' for someone's bad behaviour .....I am careful with it as some people( whose families originates from the country) find it very offensive.
Jacek Cygan
24 Dec 2020 #35
A burak is a vegetable grown in the country in Poland a beetroot so people from the country side can be referred to as Burak as an insult but can also be very light hearted between friends It means like a simple person from the countryside I have not read one proper explanation yet on the his page from a polish person this is the closest. It would be nice for a polish person on here to explain it properly and not from a biast side of a "smart town person" from a "smart wealthier part of Poland"

And 10iwonka10 you are the most correct it can just be thrown around friends and joked about I'm not even polish and I know that :)
mafketis 37 | 10,906
25 Dec 2020 #36
It would be nice for a polish person on here to explain it properly

I'm not Polish, but....

Beets are red (sort of) and most Polish people sunburn easily.... so person out in the sun a lot (as in taking care of crops) will get a ruddy complexion... like a beet/burak.

Where I'm from the local closest equivalent would be redneck (again getting burned working outside under a hot sun)...

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