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19 Nov 2014
Genealogy / Where I can find templates online for requesting birth marriage or death record lookups in Polish? [4]

It is quite long..I am sorry please shorten or change how you see fit? Thank you so much.

Good Morning,

I would like to enquire whether you can search your archives for the following records, and let me know whether you are able to locate these or any other records that may help me with my research for my family tree. My grandfather unfortunately passed away many years ago and I would like to do my family tree.

My Grandfather was Mieczyslaw Tarnawski and according to his resettlement records he was born in 1928 in Humniska, unfortunately you can only find a birth record for 1924.

His parents were Marcin Tarnawski and Maria (Mary). Marcin married two or three times.

Would you be able to search your records and let me know what you find. I can pay individually or make a donation to the church, I do not expect these for free! This is purely for genealogy purposes.

Death Record Request for
Marcin or Martyn Tarnawski. Died between 1939 - 1945.

Birth Record Request for his siblings :

Józef Tarnawski, Born about 1915, Humniska.
Zuzanne Tarnwska. Born between 1915 and 1930
Wladyslav Tarnawski Born between 1915 and 1930
Janina Tarnwska Born between 1915 and 1930
John Tarnawski Born between 1915 and 1930

Some of the children are half brothers/sisters so may have a different mother.

I have found what I need now. Please ignore.
31 Oct 2014
Language / Powolny / wolny - Free or slow? [6]

Good Day,

Please can someone help me with the polish word I am trying to learn today - Powolny.
Google translate may not be accurate therefore I am asking for assistance in using this word in sentences.

For Example in google translate For he/she is slow I find -
On Jest Powolny, Ona jest Wolna.
Is Wolna the correct word to use in the context of she is slow, as this seems to mean "free?"

Also when I look at the phrase he walks slow, this translates as Idzie Wolno and not Powolny.

17 May 2013
Genealogy / Record office enquiry (grandfather born in Brzozow, Poland) [3]

Thank you for your response. I do not know anyone here that speaks Polish that I could ask to do this. I have been trying to contact my cousin in Poland but she is very busy working and not got back to me yet..I am determined to get further and I want to thank you for providing the above information. I will contact them straight away! I did try looking online to find records but my lack of Polish stops me in my tracks quite a bit.

Thank you!
17 May 2013
Genealogy / Record office enquiry (grandfather born in Brzozow, Poland) [3]

Hi All.

I wish to obtain a copy of my grandfathers birth record. He was born in Humniska, Brzozow. He was Roman catholic. Can anyone advise where I contact? The email address I found online seems to be no longer valid and I am struggling to find the information I need.

Thank you
14 Mar 2009
Language / Przypadki (Polish language cases) [59]

Re opening this thread instead of making a new one, if anyone can help.
there is a list

mianownik (nominativus)
dopełniacz (genetivus)
celownik (dativus)
biernik (accusativus)
ablatyw (ablativus)
narzędnik (instrumentalis)
miejscownik (locativus)
wołacz (vocativus)

Scroll down the page and in Finnish there are the latin words with the questions e.g -
Nominativus kto? co? - -t
Partitivus Ile (czego)? kogo? czego? -a/ -ä ,-ta/-tä -a, -ita, -ja
Genetivus kogo? czego? -n -n, -den, tten, in, ten, en

Is there any place I can get an English version with latin?
I hope I have explained what I want well enough, trying to get this information for someone..
7 Mar 2009
Genealogy / Adamek family research [10]

Hi there, Have you tried joining a polish genealogy website. I know of one and there is a drop down button at the bottom of the page to view it in English once you register, I searched Your grandfathers name on there and it does come up a few times. It could be him or someone else. Remember if one interests you though you may need to get a translation here to message the person in polish if you don't know it. Website is moi krewni.

There is a

Ludwik Adamek 1910 - 1994 in Malgorzata Wrobel family tree
Ludwik Adamek 1910 - 1994 in Krystyna Wróbel (born Adamek) family tree
Ludwik Adamek 1910 - 1994 in Andrzej Adamek (born Adamek) family tree
25 Jan 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [161]

If Poland had all of those things it wouldn't be Poland anymore. I would agree to a few I suppose like the chip shops lol

..Polish police seem better than british police from what I have seen. I felt sorry for a guard in Krakow as he was attacked by a British drunk when I was there. Also I tried Steak when I went and was brilliant just how I wanted it.
17 Jan 2009
Life / Calendar of Polish Name Days [36]

Polish Name Day Tradition

How does this work. I have seen a list.

Some names come up more than once.

9 Jan 2009
Language / Pimsleur's Polish Lessons [38]

I have only just bought it it hasn't came yet to tell you. I have bought the introduction to the foundation one as it is a two hour cd and I want to see how that goes before I spend a lot of money. If you go on the website there is a secton where you can listen for about 20-30 mins on how they teach you and then they start going through some things. Like a native woman of Poland speaks and she says what words are in Polish, and then asks you to put them in a certain sentence. Example. - How would you say. I want a taxi to the theatre etc. You can then pause and say how you think and then she will say the correct way. It is a bit like a lesson where you are asked questions and memorise things.

It depends on what way you find helpful to learn.
8 Jan 2009
Language / Pimsleur's Polish Lessons [38]

I have just purchased the Michael Thomas Foundation CD as I tried the demo and it really helped. :)
29 Dec 2008
News / What Poland can't do right [113]

I love the polish language so beautiful. The only thing I can think of is some of the roads..