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25 Jun 2020
Language / Lyrics to Polish song Hoopai Shupai [3]

thank you for posting The meaning to Hupai Shupai. It's one of my favirite Polish Polkas.
Which war does the song refer to?
16 Dec 2007
Food / Cabbage and Noodles of Poland - Golabki? [30]

Quote May 1, 07, 20:01 ¦ #1

I am from US and my Babci always made cabbage and noodles. She called it Halushki. And Cabbage rolls are Halupki. Can anyone verify that is right?

Oh MY! You are talking some GOOD COOKIN HERE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am from the U.S. also. My Mom used to make Haluski alot. It was to die for. So Good! My Mom did not use regular noodles though. She used elbow macaroni instead. I still love it, my wife makes it once in awhile. After we found out how fattening noodles are we cut back on a lot of the noodle dishes.

The Hulupki, that's special in our house. My Mom always made a big pot of this for New Years Day and always had a house full of people to eat it all up. She made it with sauerkraut and added tomatoe soup. My wife now makes the same recipe and it is just out of this world for taste and flavor. We are planning to have it for New Years Day. It has become a tradition.