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14 Dec 2007
Life / Exam for Drivers License in Poland; English? [98]

Merged:Is there any English support for getting a Polish drivers license?

Does anyone know of any drivers license support in English. I have never found a study book in English. I do not need to learn to drive, so a school would not help in that manner. Does any school sell an English guild. Anyone know of a Drivers written test being done in English?
10 May 2016
Work / Moving from India to Warsaw to study. Need information about Warsaw city, jobs etc. [40]

Yes, Poland has remained Polish, and not being over run. So if you want a more non European experience, I would recommend all go west. With out of control immigration, in places like Germany and Sweden, in a few decades their indigenous populations will be minorities. IN fact they are putting pressure on Poland to be flooded as well, so you can see how that will add tension to the Polish People. Ones experience depends on you. I am an American and Lithuania, and love it here. I hated London. and Dublin. SO its each to their own.
17 Dec 2017
USA, Canada / What I don't get about Americans vs Polish [33]

Please there is nothing liberal about American media, its corporate owned and controlled. The message serves that purpose. . It also makes American life look far far better than reality. Its a country in massive decline