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Maxxx Payne   
13 Oct 2009
Life / Polish stereotypes of other nationalities!? [472]

Finnish: men: a bit awkward. They want to be like Americans, but in fact are more like Russians and have no clue how to deal with their women. Women: generally good looking, well shaped and rather good in bed.

rather good in bed...yeah right.
Finnish women = extreme feminists with below average looks,
at least Swedish women look good

Worst thing in Finnish men is that they tolerate all that cr*p from the Finnish women. So in that sense you are right about having no clue. And then there is the amount of drunken violence in bars, it makes my country look like a big Hicksville.

I really despise my country and its culture nowadays.

edit: I have only positive stereotypes on the Dutch and Polish.
Maxxx Payne   
9 Nov 2008

You know..let's's about people who share the same

There was a world of difference between a Saxon speaking Plattdeutsch and Bavarian up to 19th century. You are sounding more like Crow now with your Pan-*insert your ethnicity here* talk :)
Maxxx Payne   
8 Nov 2008

Even if, doesn't matter. Language is not deciding factor even today.

When the Germans formed their national identify?

Good point, it might be sometime around German unification ?

But you are right that language isnt necessary for national identity, Irish wont be English even though they speak the same language.

But own language certainly helps building a nations identity for example in Northern Europe, there is no chance that Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland for that matter, would form an union anymore.
Maxxx Payne   
8 Nov 2008

The language formed national identifies among people (especially in Central Europe) much later. Still, this is not any deciding criteria even in our times, look at Austrians or German speaking people in Switzerland. They don't consider themselves 'German'.

Austrians made up their "Austrianness" after WW II when it wasnt such hot sh*t to be German anymore. The "German germans" at least admitted their guilt.

Austrian nazis were even worse thanl German nazis.
Maxxx Payne   
29 Oct 2008
News / Simon Mol is dead:No regrets [74]

No one deserves what he did to them, neither do the men that these women may have unwillingly infected

Thats true. Simon Mol is to blame and him alone. He is only an inch better than those dudes in Netherlands who injected HIV blood in their victims.
Maxxx Payne   
16 Oct 2008
Language / Poland in different languages? [74]

Polska = Puola - in Finnish

"puola" means also "ingnition coil" in finnish, go figure...

"Poola" is "Poland" in estonian
Maxxx Payne   
14 Jul 2008
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

sorry for the late replies, I have been at the countryside with no ISPs

We like Hungarians too.

In Ottoman times, Finns were Turks are our relatives. Because we were strong.
Now, they say threr is not any relation with Turks, we are Viking ! :)

I dont think so, in Ottoman times Finns were fighting against Turks in Russian army for example in Crimean War and Russo-Turkish 1878. On the other hand I have no problem of being "related to" Turks, I could have a problem with being related to Hungarians cant understand them really :P .

The pseudoscience which tries to link Finns to Vikings(or the Goths) is indeed stupid, each nation should stand on its own than boast about its possible relation to some more bad*ss nation.There was probably some finns sailing with Vikings but that doesnt make them "related"

Rather complicated to go into, but this is the "short" version :) LOL

and politics plays its part too: whole Fenno-Ugric group has been seen either as Hapsburg plot (late 19th, early 20th century) or as a Moscows plot (modern times) to take Hungarians their pride away
Maxxx Payne   
27 Jun 2008
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

An unrelated thread, Maxx, but it has been asserted numerous times over the years by various linguists, that the Finnic or 'Fenno-Ugric' languages are in fact related to the Turkic :)

well modern linguistics dont think so. Sure there are similarities, but they are probably result of interaction than of relation. It is understandable when you consider that Uralic (Finns,Estonians, Hungarians,...) and Altaic (Turks, Mongols,...) were living in same areas thousands years ago. But science progresses and maybe sometime in future the Uralo-Altaic theory is in limelight again.

Weird thing is: Hungarians dont like Finns and see themselves more as a Turkic people but Turks like Finns and see themselves related Finns. Quite a weird "triangle"...
Maxxx Payne   
18 Jun 2008
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

I respect Turks for their efforts to modernize to society. They fared far better than in arab countries. As for membership in EU, dont know. Religion shouldnt play an issue here, even though I am not a fan of Islam.
Maxxx Payne   
15 Jun 2008
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

Osiol:) I'd be much more concerned with both Sweden's as well as little Finland's treatment of its Saami (commonly known as 'Lapp') minority to the North than about the Karelian population in Western Russia!

Actually the Saami are doing quite good nowadays in Scandinavian area. As for Karelians, they are small people who eventually will be Russianized. It is neither "good" nor "bad", just part of natural process of cultures absorbing to bigger ones.

Culture's death is not always result of genocide etc.

Their position during WWII vis-a-vis Germany, despite the heroic stance of Mannerheim against the Soviet invasion, remains a serious issue in their past. Like Norway, Finland didn't exactly stand up politically against Hitler.

it sure is. I am not proud of everything my country has done.

Maxx, I have many Finnish acquaintances and all of them speak excellent Swedish. My Finnish is rudimentary at best, but I have basic survival skills. English might be a poor choice, save perhaps at a class hotel in the center of Halsingfors, oops, Helsinki.-:) LOL

Välkommen ! Tervetuloa !
Maxxx Payne   
14 Jun 2008
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

ok, now I have read it. Have to say that comparing Byzantine empire and US empire doesnt work. USA hasnt been expanding its territories since the Spanish war. In fact they want to get out of Iraq ASAP. Sure USA is fighting for its interests, every country,big or small, looks after its interests, but this has nothing to do expansionism.
Maxxx Payne   
14 Jun 2008
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

What has Iraq war to do with saints Cyrillius and Methodius ?
Do you even know who they are ??
Maxxx Payne   
13 Jun 2008
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [761]

nor discuss if our women have to wear a headscarf...period!

actually it was other way around: are women allowed to wear a headscarf
Maxxx Payne   
19 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

But then again: who would want to date a German?

someone with a bad taste I suppose

I guess the Germans'women must be tight, considering it was Germans who wanted smaller condom sizes:
Maxxx Payne   
19 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

Could be, I dont know much about Swiss. Switzerland is en easy country to defend, a lot of mountains etc. and every male is obligated to own a rifle so it would have been difficult for Germany to invade it. So Swiss were not obligated to co-operate in that sense.

But on the other hand the biggest sissies were Germans, they cried like babies when the wind turned on them: ooh Dresden was bombed, oooh we are like sooooo victims.

i was just reading Finnish forum were my country Women were praising German "gentlemen" : it made me puke. Germans' girlfriends were given far too lenient terms: you Dutches treated them like they should have been treated. I am so ashamed of my country sometimes. I would rather be Pole or Dutch...
Maxxx Payne   
14 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

Netherlands the second biggest nation of pussies during WWII.

no, Dutch had a bad *ss resistance movement. Soldaat van Oranje !!!

the biggest pussies of WW II
1) Sweden
2) Sweden
3) Sweden

only thing they were good in was bad-mouthing Finns
Maxxx Payne   
20 Dec 2007
Life / What's wrong with you, Polish people - is it an inferiority complex? [123]

Polish inferiority complex ? I dont think so....
For me Poles are nation who are not taking any crap, and thats way it should be.
West is doing its suicide with its leftist PC'ness and west is jealous for people who dare to make a stand.
Maxxx Payne   
12 Aug 2007
Polonia / Ever been to Sweden? [185]

Sweden ? Yes I have been. And I rather not go again.
Maxxx Payne   
7 Jul 2007
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

When in Poland I saw a lot of couples of whom guy was blonde and woman was darkhaired. I dont know if this is just my observation...
Maxxx Payne   
17 Jun 2007
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [907]

Of course Poles are much more moral than other nations, i have no doubt that it's a moral heart of the world....;-)))))

I think we both (you russian me finn) should look up to them...
Maxxx Payne   
29 Apr 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

Why everybody is after slavic girls?

They have better morals compared to Finnish (not to mention Swedish!!!) women. I guess women's lib in Finland/sweden means acceptance of narcistic and mean behavior.

Somehow the German men are horny after Swedish/Finnish women. I guess they have matching mindsets and morals...
Maxxx Payne   
19 Mar 2007
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Why does everyone say that the most beautiful women in the world are Polish?

Maybe because they are making it big in modelling, acting...
Or maybe they simply are the most beatiful ? :)

I personally like their sensitivity and empathy most. maybe that's what makes them so beatiful ?