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22 May 2008
Love / Polish Girl & an Arabic Guy - at first it was hard, but now it's great! [46]

Listen honey you are going to get extremely frustrated with some of the replies you will get that are negative bc people are negative about it. All that matters is what you feel for him and his feelins for you bc you are the one who will be sharing forever with him. So ignore the ding bats that knock the notion of a muslim and polish relationship . And yes it does work so ignore them and be happy .
24 Nov 2007
Life / What is the reason for POLISH jokes ? [486]

Polish jokes probably began by a person with a dislike or bias towards Polish people

Thats very true, but thats how all things that are negative get started.
24 Nov 2007

And you will have 1.26 children

how exactly do you have 1.26 children? it's not like a worm where you cut it in half and you have then two worms.
24 Nov 2007
Life / Why do people think that I'm Polish ? [92]

There is no excuse for it i mean how much does it cost to buy deodrant - or even wash your armpits?

OOHHH that is sooooo true there is this guy who is friends with my bf and his family and he is a skinny little short man but oooooooo lord does he smell of OB , the stench of 100 unflushed clogged toilets smell better. He does not believe in deoderant , he believes in perfume. But not even a power hose and all a soao in the world can erase that stench. And the worst part is when you go near the couch or somethin in the house 5 hrs after he left the house it stinks of his OB . And summer forget it sit up wind of him unless you like to pass out .

Yes and he also doesn't believe in using toilet paper.
16 Nov 2007
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

all women cheat... it's a fact of life

Not true , that's like saying all men cheat. I'm a woman and I have never cheated nor would I there is no purpose .

No matter what gender you will find cheaters and you will find those who are honest and loyal.