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15 Mar 2012
USA, Canada / Polish people in Columbus, Ohio? [30]


You're in Hilliard, too? We should get together to make some pierogi! I recently moved to Columbus from southern California for graduate school.
19 Mar 2009
Language / Polish sayings [236]

maybe there is a proper counterpart in Polish of the saying you've given but I think I have never heard one

Thanks, gumishu. Anyone else heard of this phrase, or am I nuts?
18 Mar 2009
Language / Polish sayings [236]

Thread attached on merging:
Polish proverbs/sayings?

In Polish and English (of course English does not have to be exact), if you could. :)

What is the correct Polish translation of "Do not push the river, it will flow by itself" with correct Polish characters?

Of course, I want the original Polish version, not like a word-for-word translation or anything.