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18 Dec 2007
News / Poland - Third World Country?? [300]

Communism in Ethiopia?This is really a discovery.

he he he he

Knowledge is power my friends.

Ethiopia used to be a communist nation.
17 Dec 2007
News / Poland - Third World Country?? [300]

I am actually appalled at seeing so many people refer to Poland as a 'third world country'

Like who?????????????? come on man, who those many people you speak about.....
17 Dec 2007
USA, Canada / Do many Polish people in America hate Americans? [592]

But she says that they hate being here, and look down upon Americans because they see us as rich and lazy.

Well i don't think many Poles hate Americans because they think they are rich or lazy. I don't think the rich part doesn't have much to do with anything. But many Poles do mock Americans for being lazy, which in reality is true.
31 Oct 2007
Life / Prices of cars in Poland? [88]

it costs about $1000-$1300 to ship a car from the US to Poland. So it's not that bad.