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Prices of cars in Poland?

Ranj 21 | 948
23 Apr 2007 #1
Is it cheaper to buy a car in another country of the EU and take it back to Poland or are the prices similar? What kind of taxing would be involved in buying a car in the UK or Germany and then bringing it back to Poland?
hello 22 | 891
23 Apr 2007 #2
I hear people bring more and more cars from the US now rather than other EU countries; in the US cars are inexpensive compared to Poland/EU.

Unless the car is very expensive, I don't think you'll save any money buying it in Germany or UK...
witek 1 | 587
23 Apr 2007 #3
Cars are cheaper in the U.S. than Poland. Maybe the E.U. is the same :) you can make lost of $$$ but you have to know what car is in demand :)

Nissan Murano for example is in high demand in Poland from what i have been told :)and you can make $$$ if you ship one from Chicago or New York:)

OP Ranj 21 | 948
23 Apr 2007 #4
But to bring a car over from the US, it would have to be shipped (I would think that would cost a pretty penny). Would it not be more economical to buy the car in say, the UK and drive it over as opposed to shipping one from the US?
witek 1 | 587
23 Apr 2007 #5
My friend shipped cars to Poland for 10 years from the U.S. :) however the cars were all almost brand new. :)

Shipping isn't that expensive from U.S. to Poland.
23 Apr 2007 #6
Would it not be more economical to buy the car in say, the UK and drive it over as opposed to shipping one from the US?

hi ranj

Yes in effect it would work out cheaper to drive a car from poland back to the Uk if bought one if got adequete insurance etc etc than have it shipped over.

Not sure on the US

I have seen a few cars i would like and i would quite happily drive one in this country on a polish licence plate than change it to a UK one :)
witek 1 | 587
23 Apr 2007 #7
cars at the auction in the U.S. might be cheaper :)
23 Apr 2007 #8
same as here in the UK we have one on a thursday where i live that is a car auction :)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
23 Apr 2007 #9
There are many rather cheap second hand cars from Germany in Poland.

And not all of them were stolen.
witek 1 | 587
23 Apr 2007 #10

prices around the world for cars vary :)

the prices might be cheaper in U.S. than UK

in Canada cars are much more expensive than U.S.

then there is Japan where certain ( right hand drive) models are cheaper than both Canada and the U.S.
OP Ranj 21 | 948
23 Apr 2007 #11
What would the cost be for a Mercedes SLK 230 in Poland/Germany/UK? I assume it would be cheaper to buy in Germany since that is it's home, but would like to know comparitively to the US, where imports are expensive.
LoneStranger 3 | 382
23 Apr 2007 #12
I think cars are cheaper in Poland than many other parts of Europe :) ...
witek 1 | 587
23 Apr 2007 #13
assume it would be cheaper to buy in Germany

When you assume something and you don't have all the information you run the risk of making an ass out of yourself :)
Goonie 8 | 242
23 Apr 2007 #14
does anyone want a vette in poland LOL
23 Apr 2007 #15
I find secondhand car prices in Poland quite expensive - taking into account the condition of the car.
Secondhand car prices in the uk are far cheaper. Unfortunately Poland won't let you register right hand drives cars there (apparently because speed cameras also take a photo of the driver - and if the driver is on the right hand side they cant guarantee a good photo! thats what I have been told).

You can change a right hand car to a left hand, but it's a lot of work.
I understand the thing to do is buy a car in Germany or Holland, import to Poland then sell it (to a friend) for a very low amount, thus paying less import tax.
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
23 Apr 2007 #16
apparently because speed cameras also take a photo of the driver

Nope. Speed camera takes a picture of number plate of your car. Driver has nothing to do with that - it's the owner who has to pay the fine.
Big Rob - | 70
23 Apr 2007 #17
I have heard of people buying second hand cars here in the uk and then selling them in Poland, so there must be a loop hole somewhere in the system.

But thanks for the speed camera photo tip. The next time I am in Poland, I will drive my friends car after he has been drinking ( and hopefully asleep) and put my foot down. All the camera will see is a sleeping man speeding. Great fun! :)
clunkshift 2 | 82
24 Apr 2007 #18
Because of global manufacture, New Car prices are similar throughout Europe - only national taxes and import duties vary.

Used Cars are very different, they are cheaper in countries where emission laws are tightest - especially Germany. Catalyst exhausts are expensive test failures.

Another good source of used cars are Customs sales - cars confiscated from smugglers. The Belgian government auctions these off directly to the public.

The problem with non-EU cars is type approval - for example white and red turn indicators are not allowed in EU and Speedometers must be in kph. Also US gasoline cars are too thirsty, EU prefers diesel or smaller, more efficient gasoline engines.
24 Apr 2007 #19
If I take a second hand car from Germany to Poland, What are approximately all expenses till I get it registered?

What would be then the monthly (or yearly) tax payments?

How much does the insurance cost there?

24 Apr 2007 #20
If I take a second hand car from Germany to Poland, What are approximately all expenses till I get it registered?

Don`t do it. Second hand cars may appear cheaper in Germany but they need to be registered in polish equivalent of motor vehicle department. This could be expensive, because not all old cars can be registered in Poland without special permit. Better way, is to buy second hand cars already registered and approved by polish law. It take less time.
2 May 2007 #21
I want to buy a very cheap car in warsaw. Would you please halp me for this?
davidpeake 14 | 451
2 May 2007 #22
And not all of them were stolen.

thats true, i see alot of Polish driving rather fast in newer cars leaving Germany
moire 4 | 40
2 May 2007 #23
i dont know whether second hand cars are more expensive in poland compared to Germany or not, but when i was living in Germany, groups of polish visited my polish neighbors(their friends, relatives, etc.) and bought cars in that region, and drove back to poland
21 May 2007 #24
ive looked at new and used car prices in the UK and Poland. new car prices seem low compared to the UK (and a lot of other parts of Europe) - the EU produces annual reports on car prices trends in the EU

UK second hand cars (judging from manufacturers' 'approved used' sites seem to be a lot cheaper than in Poland
peterweg 37 | 2,319
21 May 2007 #25
My friend imported his car from the US. He never drove it was so expensive on fuel he couldn't afford it. US cars also are generally to big for European roads and you are likely to get treated like crap for driving a obnoxious car. Two of my neighbours have 'I am a ****' painted on their BMW's...

Its obviously more lucrative to buy second hand in West Europe and ship to Poland. Anybody going to answer the question about registration and tax in Poland? I assume you can drive it as it is for a year or two, as many Poles do in the UK.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
21 May 2007 #26
Speedometers must be in kph.

Most US speedometers are in both Mph & Kph. Most of our cars are Asian or European anyway. US is also building smaller cars. I'd feel safer in a car from the US in Europe. We have higher safety standards.
21 May 2007 #27
We have higher safety standards

On a couple of occasions, we have been asked to review body part changes on parts we send to Austria for feasibilty on safety upgrades to meet European standards. Adding parts to improve "Oblique" crash results (where a car is intruded upon at an odd angle from the side) is the latest review we have done. I am not sure if this is a higher safety standard or a different safety standard....

Also, small cars have been around in greater numbers for a longer time in Europe. I would think that the safety systems in these cars would be very highly developed.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
21 May 2007 #28
LOL I have 8 airbags in my car. Does a similar GTI in PL have the same amt?
21 May 2007 #29
not sure of the about how many...

dannyboy 18 | 248
23 May 2007 #30
New Cars are far cheaper in Poland than in Ireland.

Second hand cars are far worse value in Poland than in Ireland, and you also have the problem that a lot of them may be stolen from Germany, especially as you move upmarket e.g BMW.

Due to tax, its very expensive to import cars into Ireland. If you are caught evading tax, you pay even more.
Due to poor secondary irish roads, its dangerous to drive a left hand drive car in the countryside, overtaking is very dangerous. Many Poles have been killed in Ireland due to differences in driving.

Poles have long straight roads and overtake like maniacs. A lot of Irish drive like grannies.
Normal driving like you see in WielkoPolska would get you pulled over by the Police here.

I have been sweating driving with my GF's family in Ireland due to the risks in overtaking.
They have been sweating driving with me here in Ireland due to the narrowness of some of our roads.

One thing we have in common is that our secondary roads are like swiss cheese - full of holes.

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