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21 Feb 2008
Work / Advice on Teaching English in Poland [709]

that's for the feedback - excuse my early novice knowledge here....


informing others of ur progress in Callan

What is callan?


2 a penny these days TEFL qualifications

what do you mean by 2 a penny....?

21 Feb 2008
Work / Advice on Teaching English in Poland [709]

Does anyone have advise on the current best TESOL or EL certification programs for someone to become certified to teach English in Poland?
15 Nov 2007
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

Seems more and more Americans are content with having someone else do the thinking for them. They don't really care to use that 3lb gray mass sitting above their shoulders, and American culture, on so many levels, promotes this mental lethargy.

Well said Kronx1970!!!

I'm born American but good grief, I'm figuring out what I have to do become more internationally connected because I don't see the horizon going well for our country. It saddens me to see it because I believe we came from great things, but our ignorance seems to grow continuously as education declines and laziness on all levels is strongly supported by an entitlement mindset. Our disconnection from our history and the rest of the worlds history and truth lead us dangerously in the direction of future leaders that take more freedoms and completely remove the face of America that once stood as a beacon of opportunity of hope to many - including my family who escaped the Russian control over their home in Poland 100 years ago.

I also thinks its funny when American's ***** and moan about immigrants doing the low paying jobs as though they were stealing from our economy. The reason there are so many jobs held by immigrants is because Americans cop an attitude that they wouldn't do that job. (e.g. farm jobs in California and hotel jobs in New York).
5 Nov 2007

I've grown up around a lot of people who had successful marriages because they married under the impression that divorce was only an option under extraordinary circumstances such as adultery, abuse, etc.

Yes - first marriage he committed adultry with his best friend's wife - there is no forgiving.

The main thing I've come to understand is that many people have "successfully" unfulfilled marriages and stay together for the motivation of not getting divorced rather they settle with each other and don't live fully.

Sometimes I think people who have been boyfriend/girlfriend for years and years have it right (while not smiled upon by religious doctrine and is also a great hiding place for commitmentphobes) - because they have a certain flexibility to walk and in ways I believe it may shift their relationship from complacency to action in keeping the relationship alive.
4 Nov 2007

There's definitely widespread lack of respect for marriage vows in the U.S.,

Do you mean in people getting married and thinking if it doesn't work they will just throw it away?

I grew up in Texas and in the small minded part of the world I was in you were pressured to get married before 25 otherwise you must be a loser. I have learned immensely from my demised marriages (2 of them I'm sad to say it took me to be clear about myself) - but I'll say that in neither case did I take my vows lightly but the bottom line was that I had not done the necessary work on myself to be rooted in my own happiness before committing to someone. I would not say that people that I've known to marry and divorce in America were nonchalant about their commitments but they are often conforming with social expectations and graces rather than boldly proclaiming (or even exploring perhaps) what happiness and true depth really meant.

As in previous threads where you and I have exchanged, I see that "not taking marriage seriously" condition as being a fallout of the fading lines between the man and woman in roles in a marriage.
2 Nov 2007
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

THANK YOU!!!! This is awesome. I've been sitting with my paper trying to pronounce the alphabet and thinking this was going to be very hard :o) You helped me a lot.
31 Oct 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

is there a polish translation for the word - crap?