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17 Oct 2007
Life / Racism in Poland - the future [441]

well, i absolutely agree with PAWEL M. i also think that polish antisemitism is one of the strongest stereotypes about poles. maybe it still exists among the generation of ww2 participants (for the reasons PAWEL M wrote about), but among people of my age (about 20) something as antisemitism doesnt exist. of course i saw some grafittis saying "jude won" etc (a few years ago, i guess now it is hardly noticealbe) but these slogans were much less common than "CHWDP" etc. some people just need to release agression or anything it is, anyway.
22 Feb 2008
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1472]

people write strange things in this thread - for example about a typical Polish body... there are all kinds of people in Poland and only some of them look slavonic. i have many friends that look Spanish etc. If you saw them abroad you wouldn't tell their nationality. gereneralising things is sometimes stupid
22 Feb 2008
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1472]

yes, I did. but when talking about looks, it is too much imo.