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18 Mar 2008
Life / What would it be like to live in Lomza? [60]

£omża (one of the poorest regions in Poland)

Definitely not!
£omża is so boring...... I have visited it a couple of times. The cinema is a ruin and the only "attraction" to anyone who comes there is McDonald's................
22 Feb 2008
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1464]

yes, I did. but when talking about looks, it is too much imo.
22 Feb 2008
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1464]

people write strange things in this thread - for example about a typical Polish body... there are all kinds of people in Poland and only some of them look slavonic. i have many friends that look Spanish etc. If you saw them abroad you wouldn't tell their nationality. gereneralising things is sometimes stupid
17 Oct 2007
Life / Racism in Poland - the future [441]

well, i absolutely agree with PAWEL M. i also think that polish antisemitism is one of the strongest stereotypes about poles. maybe it still exists among the generation of ww2 participants (for the reasons PAWEL M wrote about), but among people of my age (about 20) something as antisemitism doesnt exist. of course i saw some grafittis saying "jude won" etc (a few years ago, i guess now it is hardly noticealbe) but these slogans were much less common than "CHWDP" etc. some people just need to release agression or anything it is, anyway.