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12 Oct 2007
USA, Canada / Polish people in LA / California [28]

I ve been living in Philly for over 3 years, lately have been traveled to LA at least once a month to see my b/f. He's just asked me to move in with him. I am happy however I have some second thoughts, heard many bad things about LA. Personally I didnt get to like that city. Anyways are there any Polish people who are in need of a good friend? I dont know anybody except my b/f. I'd love to meet some girls. Age is not important to me. I am myself in my 20s. Are there any polish stores, a church, a club? I need polish food to exist LOL!
27 Mar 2008
USA, Canada / Polish Tutor in California [23]

i am polish and will be moving to LA in June, I could teach you Polish if u r still interested. tell me what are your needs as to a language like you want to speak for travelling, business or just for fun? do you speak any Polish already?