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Polish Tutor in California

EbonyandBathory 5 | 249
29 Feb 2008 #1
I live in LA and want to learn Polish. I have CDs and books and know a little but have no idea if I'm pronouncing things correctly. Learning languages on your own is so difficult and I'm looking for a tutor in the Los Angeles area to help me out. Any suggestions?
beckski 12 | 1,611
29 Feb 2008 #2
Check out the bulletin board, located outside Our Lady of the Bright Mount Polish Church.
The church is on Adams Blvd. in Los Angeles. You'll find advertisements of all kinds there.
RJ_cdn - | 267
29 Feb 2008 #3
have no idea if I'm pronouncing things correctly.

In the meantime you can use this IvoSoftware.
Tom from CA
1 Mar 2008 #4
Try Rosetta Stone software. It has a sound analyzer which compares your pronunciation to a native speakers, it is an all around winner.
OP EbonyandBathory 5 | 249
1 Mar 2008 #5
Thanks, Tom. I've looked into Rosetta Stone, but it's so expensive. I guess you've got to spend money to learn a different language, though. Thanks everyone for your advice. beckski, I go to that church, so I'll have to look at the bulletin board, thanks.
phillygirl 1 | 1
27 Mar 2008 #6
i am polish and will be moving to LA in June, I could teach you Polish if u r still interested. tell me what are your needs as to a language like you want to speak for travelling, business or just for fun? do you speak any Polish already?
OP EbonyandBathory 5 | 249
27 Mar 2008 #7
phillygirl, I'd like to learn Polish for fun. When my grandmother moves on, no one in my family will be able to speak Polish and this would be a shame, I'd like to remedy that. I speak a little Polish, but I mean just a little. I know hello, goodbye, I'd like something to drink/eat, where is ______ street? Please, thank you. Just very basic stuff. I can't read or write any of it. I'd love to meet with you. I'm a fast learner and I could pay you. We'll have to keep in touch until June.
F15guy 1 | 160
27 Mar 2008 #8
RJ_cdn said: In the meantime you can use this IvoSoftware

Quite impressive.
Easy_Terran 3 | 311
1 Apr 2008 #9
no one in my family will be able to speak Polish and this would be a shame

Wow! That's cool, man :)
I will be probably at our church this comming Sun, we can certainly meet and have a small chit-chat in Polish :)
10 Jul 2008 #10
I'm Polish, I have BA in English and Spanish so I'm entitled to be a teacher. I would love to help, my cell: 323 535 37 95
Tindexca - | 2
17 Apr 2010 #11
You can check out the website and put end to all your worries.
24 Jul 2010 #12
Try polishtutor. ;)
stumaniac - | 5
17 Aug 2010 #13
I tried both of the links in the last two messages, one was no good, and the second had no Polish tutors listed. I am looking for a Polish tutor via Skype. Any suggestions? I can probably afford about $15/hr.
16 Feb 2011 #14
Not sure if you're still in La, but check on craigslist.
13 Sep 2011 #15
Hi Everyone,

I am fluent in Polish and English. If you are still interested in learning please let me know.
4star - | 1
27 Mar 2012 #16
Hi I live in the Los Angeles area and I am interested in learning how to read Polish. I am going into the graduate program in history and need to learn to read scholarly work in Polish. I am a native speaker, but unable to read or write. I would greatly appreciate for any replies. Thanks

Hi I am interested in learning to read Polish.
LosAngeles - | 1
9 Apr 2012 #17
I can help you read Polish if you want. I'm in Los Angeles though and it looks like you are in Long Beach. If you don't mind the commute I will be happy to help you. I was born and raised in Poland and have no regional accent of any kind. I speak with a standard Polish accent and have some spare time these days so if you're interested send me a PM.
gask - | 14
15 Apr 2012 #18
How big is this scholarly work in Polish you need to learn to read and you are Polish or English native speaker ?
kamela9 - | 1
23 Jun 2012 #19
Hi are you still seeking a Polish tutor?
25 Oct 2012 #20
I am also looking for a Polish tutor. I live in the Inland Empire and can travel a reasonable distance to meet. I can be contacted at Greeneyedtri at america on line. Thank you.
Mamman51 - | 1
30 May 2015 #21
Merged: Looking for a Polish tutor in Southern California.

Hello everyone, I'm hoping to find a Polish language tutor in Southern California specifically in the Los Angeles area. I am an adult beginner and would like to learn for fun and travel. Thank you!
beckski 12 | 1,611
30 May 2015 #22
Since you live in Chino, you should contact Pope John Paul ll
Polish Center, in Yorba Linda CA.

I'm almost certain they'd be able to provide, quite a few Polish tutor referrals
9 Jun 2015 #23
I recently married to a Polish family and i would like to learn the language. I am a beginner and would like a tutor. Please email me at shydamay@yahoo if you are interested or know someone. I am in the South Bay Los Angeles area. Thanks

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