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27 Oct 2007
News / What is wrong with Poland that Poles emigrate? [167]

And anyone else who wishes to read.

These people are on all sides - English, Polish, American, etc, mixes of them blah,blah.
You are all talking a cross eachother.

Some say - poles steal our jobs!,
Some counter with - We do your crap jobs and get treated badly.

Both of which are generalisations. Yet BOTH sides are copmplaining that the other are are generalising.


Some places treat workers badly, some good. Some people feel all the jobs are being taken, this is usually sours grapes as both sides think they could get a beter deal. Unfortunately not - That's life I'm afraid. Sometimes you'll miss out on something, and it's easy to blame the typical nearest scape goat. Except it's usually not the case.

I'd say Polish people come hereBECAUSE they can get jobs that pay more.
I ADMIRE someone who will uproot their lives leave their families friend homes sweethearts and everything they have to come here and work hard to send back to their family

That should be praised not shunned!
yes their is a large influx of people coming into our country

but if you looked at the stats _ our population isnt growing at the moment
we need people to come into our country
anyone who complains clearly has know idea of what they are talking about

I would have answer your question polish_pete and would have defended you to the last
had you not proven that you ARE being nasty about it but trying to hide it by being nice
I know you did this because you said harsh things about the poles coming into our country and "taking all our jobs" or however you put it

i"m not saying the other guy was rigth to say the horrible stuff either
both of you werenot justified

anyone else has a problem ill gladly put you in your place as well


why the uk _ more money _ better chance of a job _ similar culture _ nice people (mostly) _ good touring sites _ pleasent country side _ why other countries i dont know

why leave poland _ i@m quite ignorant on this but judging from othe poles" remarks _ they"ve unemployment _ confused political status _ less money _ weaker currency _ a chance for something a little more

I say again _ WHY NOT?
10 Oct 2007
Language / Caring/loving words in Polish? [90]

ol. ha. same goes for american men ;)

Yeah. Thing is that's the problem with the western world. TOO MUCH CHOICE.

Everyone has become like spoiled children. Well those of us who were poor as children are so much. but it stil rings true for most
10 Oct 2007
Language / Caring/loving words in Polish? [90]


Just to Clarify I'm from England. Can't vouch for Polish Men.
But Most English men aren't as free with their affection - myself being the execption obviously :D
10 Oct 2007
Language / Caring/loving words in Polish? [90]

is it normal for a guy to say "kisses" after he's writing an email to you?

As a guy.
No it isn't common. Depending - I can't speak for the world - But Generally guys aren't quite so free about syaing things like this.

If I put an "X" after i've types or written something, I meant it - I don't put them down lightly. If i put them down I'm very happy with ya ;)
7 Oct 2007
Love / English Men vs Polish Men [197]

I'm an englishman, my name's Adam.
I want to officially say - it doesn't matter on your nationality because as we all know you get gits in every country. I doubt anyone can disagree with that lol.

That being said I must agree that, bar us few nice guys, most english guys aren't quite the gentlemen they should be. But in defense of MOST the western men: it's those few Feminists that were mentioned that have killed Chivalry. Yes this is true. Nearly all the guys I know won't hold a door for one of three reasons:

1: Yes they aren't very gentlemanly (these are the few gits)
2: They don't want to come off as too soppy. Because no matter what you say ladies very few women these days respond to a kind gesture first. Deny it if you wish, but you pick a guy who'll openly make fun of you than hold a door for you. It's been proven over and over again. (because you see it as confidence - which yes it is - but ignoring the guy who's trying to impress you and then complaining later doesn't wash with me I'm afraid :P)

and 3: They are frightened that they'll get their head blown off by some crazed feminist.

Now myself I have the philosophy - If you've got a problem that's what it is - YOUR problem. So I shall continue to hold a door and offer my seat and carry the bags, and if someone doesn't like it clearly they aren't the one for me.

But I do hate it being thrown back in my face all the same haha.

Just to clarify - that wasn't a dig at anyone in particular - that's just how it is.

Personally I love the fact that supposedly the majority of Polish women appreciate the Gentlemanly approach, it allows me to be myself without worry :).