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Vincent Moderator  
19 Dec 2010
Language / Word clarification: niespodzianka, dziwić / zdziwiłem. [17]


These are expressions of quantity, similar to large, larger, big, bigger.

dużo is used with nouns that cannot be counted like water,noise. Wiele is used with nouns that can be counted like cars, books.

Zeti will hopefully see this and put us both right:)
Vincent Moderator  
20 Dec 2010
Food / Let's Play a Game-Name a Polish Food (and if you like it or hate it) [12]

polishmama when creating a new thread, please put it in the correct forum. News, politics was not the correct one for this. :)

Kaszanka would be one Polish food that I dislike. Bigos doesn't look very appealing when you first see it, but tastes nice, so thumbs up for that.
Vincent Moderator  
28 Dec 2010
Language / Bought "Rosetta Stone" software and trying to learn Polish... [59]

Have any of you had this issue and if so how did you resolve it?

Obviously you should make sure that your microphone is configured. Try recording sound in Windows sound recorder.

If you are unable to record, you may need to select the microphone you are using as the input device.
Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Multimedia/Audio and choose the microphone you are using as the preferred device for recording.
Click on the box below which says "Use only preferred devices."
Go back and retry recording with Sound Recorder.

If it is an legit Rosetta Stone software version, then they should have a support section on their website.
Vincent Moderator  
14 Jan 2011
Language / What are the best Polish - English Dictionary and Learning Books? [24]

Just interested if anyone else has any different recommendations?

Try looking on Amazon, WHsmith and Waterstones websites to see which ones will fit your budget. In my opinion the best one is the two volume Oxford, PWN, Polish- English dictionary, very expensive at around £75.00 but they also have a few "slimmer" versions which may be around £20.00. Another good one at around £15.00 is the Hippocrene standard Polish-English dictionary which has a phonetic guide to pronunciation.
Vincent Moderator  
25 Feb 2011
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

I'm trying to be made redundant at the moment and they wont let me:(

Your'e not really Jermain Defoe, are you Barney?
Vincent Moderator  
25 Feb 2011
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

Is that supposed to be funny? Poland related? WTF?

In case you haven't noticed this is in the off topic forum, so chill out.
Vincent Moderator  
25 Feb 2011
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

I think of myself more as Ricci Villa minus the beard and skill:)

If only we had him now:)
Vincent Moderator  
25 Feb 2011
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

dreadful and disappointing, still there are bigger fish to fry in the near future:)
Vincent Moderator  
13 Mar 2011
Language / Pronunciation of ę and ą? [4]

Is there any video what to do with lips and a tongue like I can see learning English? Thanks a lot for your effort to help me.

Have you tried these great videos here They are not quite what you asked for, but might help.
Vincent Moderator  
22 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / Poles in Ireland by Peadar de Burca. They "turned their backs on a country that gave them" [195]

you both have no idea how to play football...

Poland: 2 golds, 6 silver, 6 bronze
Ireland: sweet f*ckall

Population of Poland

June 2010 estimate 38,192,000

Population of Ireland

Population 6,197,100

Not a level playing field ;)
Vincent Moderator  
10 Apr 2011
USA, Canada / Travelling to Poland from the U.S. on a expired Passport [43]

I have seen this also a couple of times at my local airport over the years. In my opinion the OP is taking a big chance with an expired passport. At the end of the day the personal at the check in will have the final say, and in this day and age with much security, it doesn't look too good.
Vincent Moderator  
17 Apr 2011
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

a pair of black boots, an old ancient looking Helmet (how the hell did it end up in the bunker).

Was there anything else with that helmet? I think the owner may have thrown his toys out of his pram a couple of weeks ago:)
Vincent Moderator  
25 Apr 2011
Language / Dreamglade-lipro Polish language-learning blog [8]

P.S: If anyone has any tips or advice, I'd also appreciate it :)

I see Pani Maria changed gender half way through the first dialog, which might explain why she was in a hurry to get away:)

Nice idea though and I wish you well with it. Maybe you should get your girlfriend to check each new part for errors.
Vincent Moderator  
25 Apr 2011
Life / How could things have gone so wrong (Poland church dress code) [195]

What is sometimes acceptable in one country is deemed unacceptable in another, therefore we follow protocol in the country we are guests in. I consider that basic rule 1.

well said! I think this is the best answer so far.
Vincent Moderator  
27 Apr 2011
Language / The most important phrases when traveling to Poland [24]

I will be visitng the country around easter next year, is the most important phrase i can know

Why don't you just buy a basic phrase book? Some are under $10 and will give you phonetic translations as well. You also have the added bonus, of having almost a year to learn them.
Vincent Moderator  
5 May 2011
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1558]

I'm currently studying the language now, and I do not see what is so challenging about the language besides the word order.

I've just started the language three weeks ago.

OMG, is there NO sense of humor on this forum anymore? What did you not understand about "just messin' with you".

We shouldn't "mess" with people who are a bit special and of course a born genius. Remember the last time we had a visit from one? here ;)
Vincent Moderator  
8 May 2011

Now it seems you can get a big fine for such silliness....

According to the article, the bill hasn't been passed yet.

It may seem harsh, but saving your drunk ar$e while sailing or kayaking

Absolutely! The 2500 zl fine is small compered to how much it will cost the rescue services to retrieve some drunk from a kayak not to mention endangering their lives.
Vincent Moderator  
8 May 2011

Making the world safe for idiots by punishing everyone.

Anyone over the "limit" endangering others lives, is indeed an idiot. I assume there will be a breathalyser if in doubt?
Vincent Moderator  
18 May 2011
Law / Help with getting an address in Poland to open a Polish bank account [6]

You're obviously an expert on scams.

I didn't say that your post was a scam, just pointing out that this might be the reason for

When you advertise for such a person, people in Europe seem to think you've got some kind of secret agenda,