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22 Dec 2007
News / Poland - Third World Country?? [300]

Heh. As a former economics student, I can say that Poland is definitely *not* a third world country. Not by a long shot. :p

I can imagine that some people might be ignorant about the economics of Eastern Europe, since we don't hear much about it here, and when we do, it's usually something silly like Borat or the Czech brothers on Saturday Night Live - wild and crazy, but poor. Heh.
6 Oct 2007
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

Good point lightbulb. But there is more to it why our troops are still there.
For example oil.

I don't doubt that oil figures into the equation, since it is essentially the thing that gives Iraq its strategic value. However, it is possible for the government to have both a good-faith desire to eliminate a threat and help an oppressed people *and* a profit motive concurrently, which is probably the case, just like it was in every other war our country has ever fought, although Iraq will mean debt to us ultimately in any case. We remain in Kosovo and Germany and N. Korea and God only knows how many other places where the benefit is less obvious, which I think leads some newcomers to global politics to latch on to the "war for oil" slogan and fail to see the broader perspective, sometimes, especially in foreign lands where observers are less well-versed in the process of our politics here.

Randompal loves it when folks talk about a war as if it were a small business opportunity. I hope you're not Polish, because the irony wouldn't be lost on me. Irony as in, Aw **** Hitler murdered a few million Poles but maybe Poland can still be a net benefit...the US has already killed a million Iraqis, many women and their kids, but who cares theyre just stinky muslims!

I wouldn't say that about Poland, and I don't think my prior remarks were so callous as to suggest that sort of thing about Iraq. I speak in terms of "net benefit" simply for accuracy's sake. It would be ignorant to think of the end result of our war with Iraq being simply "good" or "bad," "beneficial" or "harmful," however it may turn out. Instead, I use the term "net benefit" to clarify, and to acknowledge the human costs that we've already incurred and the complexity of the situation. We have the resources and the volunteers and the allies and the will to meet the already-long list of harms with a longer one of benefits, but it will take time, no doubt.
3 Oct 2007
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

guantamo bay and all the other secret detention zones all over the world.

With the minor difference that no one dies. Killing millions for their race vs. inconveniencing a few hundred for "accidentally" showing up on a battlefield in Afghanistan... same thing, right? ;)

Anyway, I'll agree that the president is a stubborn guy, and will never admit that the war in Iraq sort of lost its basis once no WMD were found. However, even the UN weapon inspection team's leader Hans Blix told the British media that he expected us to find weapons once we invaded Iraq. Jumping to a false conclusion is embarrasing, but if we can effect some positive change in Iraq, we might still create a net benefit and trade partner there. The Philippines was much more difficult than Iraq, and nowadays it's great over there, and probably the most pro-American country outside our borders. People who call Iraq a bad situation would probably go into fits if they looked at the Philippines c. 1900 when we fought a 10-year fight against the insurgency there, and that was without airpower, against a motivated Muslim enemy. Nothing is lost yet, contrary to what most Democrats want to believe. :)
30 Sep 2007
Off-Topic / Are Polish Christians here? [134]

Are Polish Christians who share all 10 testaments and don't forget that human life starts since conception?

I know what you mean, but we call them "commandments" here, unless I misunderstood your meaning. ;)

Anyway, I'm not Polish, but I'm also curious to know how popular faith is in Poland. I consider myself an Orthodox Christian, though denomination isn't all-important to me. I have nothing against the Romans. :)
27 Sep 2007
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

Anyone can claim anything they want on the internet, and that's fine. But I'll stick to verified sources, which tend to disagree. Thanks just the same, though.

I'm not a fan of Elvis's music, for the record, so I'm not interested in defending him in any case, and I could care less what anyone thinks of him. I simply don't like to see misinformation circulating - especially misinformation that can be disproved with no effort whatsoever (say, 3 seconds of your time and a google search). If you're willing to believe the worst about someone, you should be willing to perform due diligence - I try to live by that.
26 Sep 2007
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

Yes, we contribute racists who say things like "The only thing a Negro can do for me is shine my shoes" - Elvis Presley

Elvis never said that.

Here you go:

Educate yourself. You might actually enjoy it. ;)
26 Sep 2007
USA, Canada / American people attitude towards Poles in the USA [98]

So true. We usually can't even tell they're Polish just by looking at them.

That's pretty much the answer to the question, I think. I grew up in the Chicago area, and there were a ton of Polish immigrant kids at the schools I went to, but there were so many Ukranian and Russian and Romanian and other European immigrant kids that it all blends together. Only when you get older and think back into your memory do you sort of remember where specifically everyone was from. When you're a kid you just think of them as regular kids with odd accents, although the accents disappear pretty quick in most cases. :)
25 Sep 2007
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

it is people of Polish descent NOT Polish descended people

Eh. That paragraph was meant as humor. Grammatical or scientific accuracy isn't necessary. I won't be submitting it to the Encyclopedia Britannica, so don't fret.

Although I do prefer the -descended (I normally would've hyphenated it) version, correct or no. Euphony is more important than grammar to me, and the former doesn't flow. :)
25 Sep 2007
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

also Poles are usually slender and not fat like Americans

Geez. I'd rather be fat as a whale than look like either of those two guys, though! Heroin chic, I guess, must still be big! ;)

Anyway, most Polish-descended people I've met look almost exactly the same. About 5'5-6'3 in height, hair ranging from black to blonde, eye color usually brown or blue or something in between, and usually ten fingers and ten toes, give or take.

stuff your face with fries Yank

Ugh, no thanks. ;)

Those guys do look really stoned though, you must admit.
22 Sep 2007
Language / "Na" and "W" , when to use? [15]

its like that with every country, there are groups of ppl who dont speak the proper language making the most obvious gramar and spelling mistakes and just because they use it right that doesnt make it right.

That's true. In the U.S. at least, that group is known as "the vast majority" I believe. :)

But it's always best to learn something right the first time, rather than trying to break a bad habit. Thanks for the explanation about w and na - I had some confusion myself recently. :)
11 Sep 2007
Life / Is the word "Polack"rascist? [185]

I just smile and say I'm proud of it. Hey, my friend is SO PROUD he personlize his car plates to read POLAK.

Hehe. Very nice. I used to see a guy in my old town with a license plate that read "TIKANEIS" (ti kaneis being Greek for "how are you?"). I liked that one as well. It's good to see people keeping some spirit of the old country. :)

Anyway, about the word "polack," I think it depends on what you have been taught. If you're from Maine or someplace, you might not think it's a bad choice of word, but speaking as someone who grew up in the Chicago area, I would never use it myself. There are cleverer ways of being rude anyway, if it's appropriate under the circumstances.
7 Sep 2007
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

So you will be better of using "byk" I think.

Heh. That sounds like good advice. :)
4 Sep 2007
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

These are really great, and helpful! Thanks Janusz! :)

I'm curious to know, on the "H" clip, the word for bull is buhaj, but on my Rosetta Stone program, the word is "byk." I like buhaj better, because it sounds like the Filipino "buhay" which is easy to remember, but are both okay, or is one correct? Thanks to anyone who knows.