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13 May 2024
Law / Firearms Law Poland - UK training company [4]


I am currently serving in the UK military and will soon be leaving; I would like to start up a Firearms training company. However, the weapons systems I would like to use & teach are banned here in the UK (5.56mm semi-auto & 9mm), which seems crazy as UK nationals are often required to provide armed security abroad but with training. I have already done some research and enquiries with ranges near Warsaw, as another UK company currently uses their range and hires weapons, but there price for ammo was crazy. As I understand it, no UK firearms license or range safety qualification will be applicable in Poland; therefore, if possible I could recruit a Polish individual with the correct range safety qualifications to act as the safety officer. As I also understand, to require a weapons permit, one needs to be a resident of Poland, which I am not.

My queries are as follows:

If I was registered as a training company in Poland, even if I didn't live there could I then obtain a license to procure weapon systems?

If so, what are the complications of registering as a business in Poland?

Would it be easier for me to find someone or a retailer to obtain the weapons and ammunition and essentially "hire" them?

Does anyone know of English speaking law firm that understands firearms laws that could help me?

Any help would be much appreciatedd thank you