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23 Feb 2021
Real Estate / Cost to build in Eastern Poland - Ideally per m2 [71]


That's because anyone that can do an honest job has already left.

Exactly. Funny thing is poland paid for education of those people but later did nothing to prevent them from leaving.
23 Feb 2021
Life / Drugs in Warsaw [111]

U don't need drugs in poland, just go to any church or inhale polish smog and they will get you high
22 Feb 2021
UK, Ireland / There's not a lot wrong with Poles in the UK. There's just too many of them. [72]

Can you imagine Saudi Arabia letting in 2 million Christians?

Typical whataboutism.
Blame your brits, if they wanted to work in low paid industries there would not have been necessary to reach for immigrants.
But now, britons have always felt superior and though it is humiliating for them to take these jobs, they have always wanted to conquer other who work for them as lower class, and brits will be upper class.

This class system is alive and well today. So don't blame foreigners, blame your natives and govt who did against you.
22 Feb 2021
UK, Ireland / My bad experiences with Polish neighbours in UK (not meant to offend) [173]

Is hat your british way of fixing the problems by running away from them?

I'm wondering if average Brits differentiate between Polish immigrants and those form Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, etc.

Yes they differentiate as Lithuanian, Hungarian, Slovakian people didn't arrive to UK in such swarms like Poles. They are very tiny minority there comparing to million of Poles in UK.

Only blind would not differentiate.
22 Feb 2021
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [907]

Why Do You Love Poland?
I don't and won't ever come back to that country full of selfish egoistic rude xenophobic grumpy people.
Not a cent sent there from my money. When EU funds end, poland will fall like domino bricks :D