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15 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

If our governments treated us like adults

But than you have to be an adult, not a little kid that believes everything that mummy and daddy say.

Anti-vaxxers already have blood on their hands

Are you writing from a manuscript Jon?
Cos your manipulation is so cheap, I think if you think for yourself you can be more creative with it.

Or simply facing reality

How do you determine reality Jonnyboy

an experimental vaccine that guarantees NOTHING.

Did you read the work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Indeed, family of...

Conspiracy theories, anti-vax woo and deliberate fearmongering don't help anyone.

Like you do you mean?

masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19

14 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]
Serbia becomes first European country to use Chinese COVID vaccine for mass rollout

In Serbia, which has a population of about 7 million, 3,771 people have died from COVID-19 and 347,111 fell ill with it.

347.111 /7.000.000 = 4.9 % of the population got flu like symptoms in 11 months time, who at the same time got a positive PCR test
out of which
3.771 / 347.111 = 1% died of the ill group of 347.111 people

people dying who tested positive for covid with the PCR test, calculated on the total population as following:

3.771 died / 7.000.000 population = 0,0539% % of the population died, over a period of 11 months, who where tested positive with the covid PCR test, x days/weeks/months prior to death

Historical death rates Serbia

14 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Brussels who should solve problems, provide vaccines

The people of Europe don't want em.

Besides, they are the ones who create problems for the people, by locking down the economy.
People losing jobs, houses and sanity.
Vaccine scepticism among medics sparks alarm in Europe and US
From vaccine creation to trepidation: France's struggle with anti-vaxxers
Anti-Vaxxers Took to the Streets of Copenhagen and the Photos Are Intense

Germany fears attacks on vaccination centers +++ COVID restrictions spark riots in the Netherlands
Just 24% of Spaniards would get Covid vaccine as soon as possible
According to a survey carried out by 40dB for EL PAÍS, four in every 10 people in Spain believe there is a conspiracy behind the vaccinations
14 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Belgrade IS better than Brussels.

Don't know man, I think they are both full of ****.
14 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

It's a real celebration on the Macedonian border.

Are you nuts? Celebrating vaccines?

And truly, here is where European and Western civilization was born.

You know Crow, we don't have time for this pity party anymore.
We have done this for thousands of years, and today live in the result of that.
Europeans should come together and stop all the crap about who is better or not.
Cheap talk, cheap superiority. Talk somebody down, think you are better, without having anything to do for it.
It is childish, and also very insecure, if you had some self-worth you did not have to talk others down to lift yourself up.
Plus, this way you are an easy target for anybody that helps you feed your ego, so they can use you against the others.
Better stop all this **** because a lot of crap is coming for us the coming years.
Oh, and wait, aren't we already in the middle of it?

Dumb little boy.
Where is your slavic/balkan fighting spirit against the current situation?
14 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Western leaders felt for the "Chinese model"

but you know Mafketis, in the end these people have more innocence than their order followers
who make all these things truly happen?
it is the boots on the ground
the order followers do this to their fellow humans

you cannot blame the leaders only
it is all the people on the ground supporting these systems and making them happen
14 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

unless none of these policies are about health afterall....

What do you think they are about?

What are these "intertwined interests"?

It was not a website that you quoted.
Or are you also using this factchecking website, made by people you do not know, that you put forward as a proof of your version of the truth?

All of them YouTube videos.

Well, they are just posted on YouTube. Not "youtube videos".
Made by people in the industry, to inform you and help you make the right decisions in your life.

And as you wish Jon, another YouTube video.

But don't watch the video, read the reactions ;)

to burn it down and build something else in its place.

Did you take precautions Mafketis? Gold, Silver, Bitcoin? Anything else?

involve too many people to be credible.

maybe it is not people

whacky conspiracy theory about mass depopulation

what is your opinion about the Georgia Guide Stones Jon?

world leaders and individual interests are simply never going to allow it to happen.

I help you hope so, would be nice

Meh, Agenda 21 at best is a bunch of ineffectual sloganeering with no real concrete plans....

Here is the full plan for your information Mafketis, I think you should read it, at least briefly.

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development
Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992

Presented to you by your loving brothers and sisters from the UN.
13 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

I haven't read that website

ah no, sorry, that was not you, that was in another topic

In order to maintain freedom, we must paradoxically have rules.

It is a complicated thing, I don't think humanity every found a solution for that.
Because, who makes the rules? That is the problem.
The result you see today.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As I tell you, just study human nature, nothing else you need to know.

The Corrupt World of Science | Dr Suman Sahai | TEDxSMIT

Dr. Suman Sahai is an internationally recognized researcher who has been extensively contributing to the world of science. In her decades of work, she has experienced how big money manipulates science and research to present a biased point of view. In this TEDx talk, she narrates various such examples and presents her idea on how we as a society can fight this corruption.

Does Money Get In The Way Of Science? | The Frauds Of Science | Spark

This revealing program explores the degree to which money and expediency has corrupted science and the ways in which the scientific method can expose those who commit it.

The Invasion of False Science Into Medical Schools and Medical Journals - Robert Whitaker
13 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Or simply logical and not easily swayed by cranky youtube conspiracy videos.

But you are very easily swayed by websites with intertwined interests (
Do you believe in Rolls Royce?

In medical matters (such as the covid plandemic) all that counts is medical science and public health.

All that counts in life is freedom, totally nothing else.
13 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Actual scientists do that thoroughly and transparently enough to satisfy any intelligent sceptic.

Haha, you are good at word games Jon.

So a sceptic that does not blindly belief in other humans becomes automatically un-intelligent.
A bit cheap wordplay Jon. And not really effective on intelligent humans either.
Is this all you have? Nothing better?

What made you a blind follower of other humans that are strangers to you Jon?
How do you know they care about you, your body and your family?
How do you know that they have your best interest in mind.
Besides that you wish it to be so.

Not exactly a basis for challenging the collective weight of medical science now, is it...

It is the best basis.
All you need to know about is human nature, and you know all about the current situation.
13 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

I study human nature for more than 20 years.

That is all you need to know in this world.

And you,

Did you doublecheck the virology studies?
Sat in a lab and re-done all the experiments yourself?
13 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Scientists are, after all, usually quite clever.

Scientists are human beings.

Human beings are usually quite:


Lusty for power in any form, power as it is, sex and money. The previous 2 usually an expression of number 1.

Why did you decide to throw away your own compass, and put your life, health and wellbeing in the hands of strangers?
13 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Read this:

I did read it.

They write very cleverly. (but actually not really)

The cell strain referenced isn't used to manufacture the vaccine.
A different cell strain, derived from kidney cells taken from a female foetus aborted in the 1970s was used to propagate the virus for the vaccine.

Can you tell me why you chose to believe what is written there?
9 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

My friends are not pigs!!!!

animals in general once were your friends

now you pay to let them be slaughtered and you lick their bones

I will sure kiss pigs, I love pigs.
Did you know they are more intelligent than dogs?


Sleep well Milo.
9 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

Many of these body builders die prematurely,mainly from heart attacks.

A 65-year-old vegan bodybuilder explains how he builds muscle with 1-hour workouts and a diet of raw vegetables
Dudas is the 4-time winner of the Mr. New Zealand amateur bodybuilding contest, most recently in 2015 at age 60.


Milo, at least admit it. You pay for your old friends to get gaschambered and tortured for your bacon.
Because your personal lust is more important than somebody else's life.
They just want to live their life, with their family.
Just be happy with nature and what is given by that.
Something you are not capable of.
Maybe that is why you want to pay to let them be killed and eat them.
For sure you are better than them.
The ultimate dominator.
Slaughter, kill and eat.

Don't forget that the corona is coming from a disgusting way of animal slaughter and consumption as well. So healthy it is!!!

Check where your Corona is coming from. The beauty and superiority of humanity.

And another one, our beauty and superiority is everywhere

You know, a very wise man once told me, if you want privileges, they come with responsabilities.
Something we do not seem to understand.
9 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

You still do, just different ones....

Tell me which ones, I fight a lot of them already. Give me more.

Here's dinner Ms. Herbivore


Meat eating. Oh, but there is.... to keep a healthy, balanced diet.

owwww yeaaaahhhh Milo


it's inherently an unhealthy look.

Looks very unhealthy, indeed....
Lenka, what do you think, unhealthy huh.

9 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

Interesting dairy cattle channels...

Mafketis, you are a little boy believing in fairytales.
I don't blame you. I also used to believe them.
The Biggest Undercover Dairy Investigation in History Fair Oaks Farms and Coca Cola 2019
9 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Why do you think anti-vaxxers' youtube propaganda lies are 'truth'?

On the video that I showed you, the nurse reads the label of the vaccine of Astra Zeneca.
Why do you say that the label on the vaccine is not true?
You don't trust Astra Zeneca?
Do you think they lie on their product labels?
9 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

They're tasty.

No question about that.

There is just no reason for us to eat them.
The industry is absolutely disgusting.
You know, once the animals where your friends, when you were a kid.
Now you pay other people to kill them in horrible ways, and treat them like garbage.
Whereas they have done nothing wrong to yo.
On the way you lost your empathy and became heartless towards them.
Because they are not like you, you think you have the right to pay for their slaughter and lick and suck their bones.

Far from 'holy', a doctor so clued up on nutrition and as I said, looks 20 years younger.

Ah, now I understand. Your doctor fetish. Now all makes sense.
And she is not a vegan.

Not when I'm not hungry and know I can easily buy meat products in a store

Well, also not when you are not hungry. It is not in your instinct. You are not a carnivore.
You can eat meat, and you can survive on it.
And indeed, you are right, it is made very easy for us to succumb to this evil.
Packed in shiny plastic, like everything else.

Humans eat very little food in its fully natural state

Well, your choice to eat rubbish, not everybody does that.

So you swallow plant matter and then return some of it back into your mouth

I don't think it is necessary with an apple.

lant products undergo just as much treatment as do animal products.

Ah, I see, recently came back from the carrot slaughterhouse?

Animals are superior in very few areas.

Did you ever see animals destroying their own habitat systemetically, because other animals had pieces of paper they said had value?

How about a group of male adult dogs gangraping a puppy?

And did you hear about that one pig? He came home drunk and beat the **** out of his sow.

And you know, did you ever hear about this group of cows?
They took in some human females and put them in metal crates.
They inseminated them against their will to get them pregnant.
Once the baby was born, they immediately took it away. They saw it was a boy, and smashed it in the head in front of the mother. Boys are not productive you see.

Than they put some metal bars on the breasts of the human female, to take out the milk and sell it to their fellow cows, cos they liked it in their grass-coffee.

By the way, they did this every year, inseminated the female human against her will, and take her baby away (kill it if it was a boy).

They kept her in the cage for about 7 years, than she was finished. Her breasts were sore and full of inflammation and pus. Her body was no longer capable to produce enough milk for the cows, she was done.They loaded her on a truck and sent her to the slaughterhouse.

After she was dragged inside on the floor full of blood, she was humanely stabbed in the head with a metal pin, her throat was stabbed open with a knife, and they hung her upside down to get rid of the blood. She was still moving a bit, but the cows had no time, the next human was on the line.

You ever heard the inferior animals do any of this?

Hey Lenka, what do you think about it?

Please cut down on the number of quotes
9 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

She's a fear-mongering conspiracist, spreading anti-vax lies.

Does truth make you scared Jon
9 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

50 or 100 or so years it will feasible but.... at present it's a non-starter.

What kind of reasoning is that.
What is different in 50-100 years.

Claiming that we are not superior equals claiming that we are inferior as no two things are ever equal.

That is the dumbest thing I ever heard.
Not being the same does not mean inferior.
It just means different.
Just let it be different as it is.
Unless you are so insecure that you need to see something else as inferior, so you can see yourself as superior.

And, you think the systematic slaughter and torture for lust for flesh is superior behavior?
What a joke.
It is disgusting.
The lowest of the lowest.

And especially you should consider your health Novichok.
Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.
Eating meat makes you highly acidic, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment.
Also, the only way you get cholesterol in your body is by eating meat.

So even if you only consider your own health (as most of us cannot have any consideration for anything else but ourselves), even than it would be the best option.

Tell me, how can a tortured, completely miserable animal be of any good for your health?
Do some research, see what hormones and antibiotics they get.
Or other crap against diseases that they get, because they "live" in an unnatural environment.
These chemicals don't all "die" when you cook them.
And you ingest them every time.

In the survival of the fittest contest.

Complete nonsens.
You don't need to eat tortured and slaughered animals to stay alive.
It is not true, look at the strong man.
You pay for this immoral industry because of your lust for meat and flesh.

How about survival of morality?
You pay for killing and torturing innocent beings, that can feel pain and misery just like you.
But you don't care.
You love to eat this misery and convert it to ****.
In our time it is pure lust, not survival.

So we evolved resourcefulness.

So we evolved ruthlessness, violence, self centeredness etc.
We evolved into developing a system of destruction, for our cousins in feather and fur, who have not done anything wrong to us.
You are so superior, you pay other members of your species to gaschamber lifelong tortured pigs.
Well, the result of all this is in our societies.
We care less and less about anything or anybody.
Misery in, misery out.

and occasionally enjoys (with the emphasis on the word enjoy) non-vegan things

So your holy friend is not a vegan. What are you talking about.

Humans aren't herbivores and many/most end up malnourished on vegan diets....

You are definitely not a carnivore.
Your instinct is not even there.
When you see a cow, you do not feel the need to press your teeth in her neck, take her to the ground and start swallowin her skin meat and bones.

And don't forget, for carnivores the stomach of a prey animal is the most precious.
How about you take a bite of a cow's stomach with contents? True carnivore that you are!
For it has pre-digested plant foods that she wants to have. Very healthy for her as a carnivore, because she cannot process them herself.
Also, you do not swallow meat without chewing, what carnivores do.
And, your jaw goes from left to right, something carnivores cannot do (cos they don't have to).

Biran Turner

Brian Turner

100% VEGAN
9 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

We are superior.

In what way and how are we superior?

If you contradict what I have just said then you contradict nature

Ask Patrik Baboumian.

100% VEGAN


Patrik was the "Strongest Man of Germany" winning the national German Strongman competition in 2011 in the open division.

By the way, he is a better sportsman than speaker :D
But I salute him.
9 Feb 2021
Off-Topic / Serbia etc. thread 2 [1160]

[login to read]
9 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Jonas Salk

Interesting profile. Interesting early life and education.
The Cutter Incident: How America's First Polio Vaccine Led to a Growing Vaccine Crisis
The mistake produced 120,000 doses of polio vaccine that contained live polio virus
On April 12, 1955, following the announcement of the success of the polio vaccine trial, Cutter Laboratories became one of several companies that was recommended to be given a license by the United States government to produce Salk's polio vaccine.
Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS:the career of a threatening idea
Published in Townsend Letter for Doctors, No. 126, January 1994, pp. 97-100.

The last one quite controversial, but interesting to read nonetheless.
9 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

The person that made that dodgy video isn't even a nurse;

Even if it was a monkey, she still tells the truth.
She is reading out 1 on 1 what is on the label, and she tells you how to doublecheck the things she says yourself.
Nurse shows AstraZeneca Vaccine content

Nothing special, shady or dodgy, you can form your own opinion about it. And do your own further research.
8 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

any carnivore that would pass on a human

So first we are superior to animals, but now you want to compare yourself on an equal level.
That is weird.
8 Feb 2021
Food / Is brain-damaging vegan fad growing in Poland? [176]

Could you point me to a time in history when the world was or at least tried to be more humane to animals?

I don't know Lenka. Maybe in Tibet or other bhuddist countries.
But I highly doubt it.

Humans are not very good at being nice to others, especially not if they cannot defend themselves.
This is because we are selfish and without morals.

We think we are entitled to enslave, torture and slaughter other living beings and their children
Lick our fingers from the fat that comes from their bodies.
Because we have the illusion that we are superior.

When I think about it, no, I think we have always been full of **** to animals.
8 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]

Actual medical scientists, including some of the finest doctors in the world have done literally millions of hours of research already.

But I am not a member of your religion Jon. That is the difference.

And for the polio vaccine experiments in Africa, you can do your own research, all the information is out there.
Africa has always been a testing ground for vaccine testing, as well as other poor countries.
8 Feb 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [6904]


I did reply, I said do some research.

But you like to put the response-ability for your life and well being in the hands of other people.
That is fine, maybe you should do that. Your body, your choice.

So you mean, she was a nurse, till she became disobedient to her masters.