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22 Jul 2019
History / Polish treasures in Sweden? [18]

I understand that when Sweden was a major Baltic power, they invaded Poland and also carried away many treasures from Poland, some of which are now in Swedish museums. I think one such treasure was a metal statue of an auroch. Can any members throw light on these issues. Also are there any attempts by the Polish authorities to recover these national treasures which were looted and are now stored and admired overseas?
25 Mar 2019
Language / The usage and future of the special Polish letters: ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ż, ź (Polish language) [203]

All this about special Polish lettters is very interesting, but how can we have access to them on the computer? On Word the symbols section seems to be tailor-made for French, German and Spanish but Polish accents and diactrical marks cannot be found.

I realize my earlier query about orthography was answered by Nathans. Thank you. So my query today is obsolete. I am not on Polish Forum every day by any means and I just find it so difficult to navigate around or find my earlier threads. I suppose as the Germans say 'Uebung macht den Meister' or in English 'Practice makes perfect.' Sure there is a Polish proverb that says the same thing.
22 Mar 2019
Language / The usage and future of the special Polish letters: ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ż, ź (Polish language) [203]


Polish orthography

I have rejoined the Polish Forum after an absence of a few years. I seem to remember that some years ago there was a Polish keyboard at the bottom of the page so that Polish names etc could be written accurately. I do not speak Polish, except for a few terms, but I do write about Polish matters and I find it difficult to write the Polish words, names etc accurately with the correct accents, diacritical marks etc, as these are not found on my symbols on my computer. Am I right that Polish Forums did used to help with this? Could members please advise how to access Polish symbols. Thanks.
6 Mar 2019
Language / What do you like in Polish language? [70]

I agree that Polish is an attractive language to listen to and attempt to speak, but for me the main problem is the orthography. Most of the Slavic languages, such as Czech, Slovak, Croatian, have a level of similarity, but the writing system in Czech for example seems easier for English speakers to come to terms with. The Czech use accents whereas the Poles seem to use a multiplicity of consonants, which can be daunting. I think there is a university or a uni dept in Warsaw that studies Slavonic languages as a whole. It would be interesting to know who, how and why determined the different ways of spelling what are very similar words.

Also reading the thread, I was not aware there was a quite distinct speech in Silesia (Slask?). I have been there. I do know it formerly had a lot of Germans and was partof Germany for a while....or am I wrong. An interesting region because of its strong industrial base.