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8 Apr 2008
Life / Indian Stores In Warsaw [139]

muslim kosher

LMAO what a description!
That's the best one I've heard!
4 Apr 2008
Life / Indian Stores In Warsaw [139]

Hey Zara, so do you come to Poland often?? What what brings you to these forums??

Ehe,I've only been once,and I loved it! Then I found something on google from this forum and wahey,I joined!
And you?
What brought you here? :O
4 Apr 2008
Life / Indian Stores In Warsaw [139]

Krakow is beautifull!
Now we DEFINATELY will have to make a venture together! Seeing as it dosn't seem that you have been to Krakow
4 Apr 2008
Life / Indian Stores In Warsaw [139]

Dear laydeezee92 doesn't matter which religion iman should be honest etc...

lol,the reson I asked
When you greet a person in south asia, your greeting depends on ther eligion I think?
(Ok,now I'm about to embarrass myself with bad spellings)
In hindu districts o with hindu's,you use Namaste, in Pakistan or Muslim districts of India you use Salaam and in the punjab and other Sikh reigeons you use Saasriakal (Bad spelling,i warned you.)

So if I was to greet iman speaking in either one of the three languages, I would use one of the above greetings depending on Religious background (I THINK, It's what mum always told me.)

OMG Have you found any halal stores in Warsaw?! :O
We found NONE in Krakow!!!!
And my brother only eats halal meat,so it was difficult finding places to eat. :/
He LIVED off Pretzels!!! :P
3 Apr 2008
Life / Indian Stores In Warsaw [139]

Woooo! Finally,and indian store in poland looking up person!
*Hi fives you*
I'm half pakistani myself, so I know where you're comming from lol
If worse comes to worse, we'll start up our own indian district ^^
So are you living in india at the moment? or the UK?
And are you Hindu, Sikh or Muslim?
Sorry,am interested!
Zara xoxoox
3 Apr 2008
Travel / A one-week trip in CRACOW - 31th of May -> 5th of June [4]

Hmmm. There was a really good coctail bar opposite our hotel! If I just find out the hotel name,then I can tell you where the bar is!

It was a really nice atmosphere, had a cool disco thingy me bebs when I looked and the drinks were nice.