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19 Dec 2018
Classifieds / Work Visa Type (National Visa) appointments are difficult at Mumbai Consulate [47]


Regarding National Work Visa Appointment Process

Hi Guys, I have couple of questions regarding the visa appointment for National Work Visa at consulate general of Poland in Mumbai.

1. Online applicatiom filled and the final PDF file genarated is not exactly matching. For example, when I choose to answer Yes to have National/Schengen visa in past 5yrs but PDF doesn't mark anything to this answer. What if we submit the visa form printout as is?

2. In online form- question no 31 asks for Inviting company details 'OR' temperory accomodation details, any one. But when final PDF is generated for visa form, it displays these two details in separate 2 questions, one being for company details and other for hotel stay details but you can only fill either company or hotel detail in the online form.

Can we leave the question for Hotel Stay address details or shall we update it manually and duly sign it before submission? What if it is left blank but hotel reservation proof is submitted as a supporting document for their reference?

3. No questions asked during the visa appointment, they just take the visa form and supporting documents in mere couple of minutes and gives you the token number for reference. Not even they verify the Visa Form for correctness.

Is that normal for work visa appointments?

4. What is the minimum duration of Travel Insurance required for National Work Visa?

5. No fingerprints taken. Is that fine?

Looking forward to have some insignt on my questions from experienced ppl out here.