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Work Visa Type (National Visa) appointments are difficult at Mumbai Consulate

Apitha 1 | -    
2 Jul 2018  #1

We are a consulting Firm and have 20 candidates who have received Work Permits from a Poland Company at Sulnowo. We are trying since April to get appointments for the candidates and have managed to get only 2 appointments till now. The company is in urgent need and the candidates were expected to start work in July. But now that looks difficult.

We need assistance in getting the rest 18 candidates their appointments. Please tell us if there are any other ways other than the e-Konsulate to try for appointments. Also can we get group appointments

Please help us in getting appointments at Mumbai faster

10 Jul 2018  #2
We are also in similar situation. Have 6 consultants with their work permit approved. Been trying every Monday @ Mumbai Consulate from their e-konsulat website unsuccessfully for past 2 months. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.
sanjaypatoliya - | 10    
10 Jul 2018  #3
I have one Question u said u are trying past 2 month...did u ever seen that slot open on any Monday ? I tried since last 1 month but i never seen that they are going to open any slot...
16 Jul 2018  #4
I am trying from June 1st. But till date, I haven;t seen the dates opened for Visa Slots. Lucky people, they at least got 2 appointments
Mamunur rashid - | 2    
16 Jul 2018  #5
Dear All,
It seems you all are finds it difficult to get visa appointment for Poland.
Feel free to contact with this
who is trustworthy to assist you with the quick appointment.
durugkarrahul - | 2    
18 Jul 2018  #6
Need help in getting appointment at Poland Embassy.unable to take dates in Mumbai Consulate.


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