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6 Mar 2008
Food / 'de volaille' - I need the recipe for what sounds like devil eye?? [9]

You can try Chicken Kiev like Cyg says but I think the traditional Polish De Volaille is slightly different.

Just use some chicken breast which you thin and flatten out with a special meat hammer.
Season the breast with salt and pepper and put a knob of butter in the middle and a little bit of dried marjoram.
Roll up the chicken breast and secure with a tooth pick.

Then roll your chicken breast into flour and tap of any excess flour, roll it into a beaten egg and then cover it in breadcrumbs.

Fry in a pan with plenty of butter until golden brown and cooked through.

I think a Chicken Kiev has garlic butter in it but I was told that, surprisingly enough, in the Polish version no garlic is used.

But then everybody here might have his/her own recipe.
12 Feb 2008
Travel / What to do in Wroclaw! [46]

Wroclaw is a great city, I love it. It has lots of great restaurants and bars and it's a very nice place in spring/summer when the market square is filled with tables and chairs and you can enjoy a good pint outside in the sun.

Okay, it looks a bit depressing in winter but most places look more attractive in spring and summer. Nevertheless it's the perfect place for a great stay.
4 Sep 2007
Food / Where to buy napisco Oreo Biscuits in Warsaw [11]

I have never seen them in the shops but then I am not looking for them as I don't like them.

Perhaps you can try the bigger hypermarkets such as Tesco, Real, Auchan but I'm not sure if they would sell them. You could also try Marks & Spencer but again it would suprise me if you could find them here.
14 Aug 2007
Travel / Which city is better to visit: Warsaw or Krakow? [169]

Like I said, Krakow is much nicer than Warsaw but that's my personal opinion.
I find it more relaxed, it's not as big and it has a good atmosphere. Especially Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter.

Why would you "have" to live there? Nobody is forcing you to live there?
14 Aug 2007
Life / British sky satellite TV in Poland [87]

I think you can even get sky with a smaller dish.
We have a sky box and a normal polish cyfra+ dish which is I think 60 or 80 cms

We receive Sky News, Channel4, Five TV, Travel Channel and some other documentary and sports channels and lots of crappy shopping channels :(
However, we only have the freeview card which you buy for a one off 20 GBP, we don't have a monthly subscription as we don't watch a lot of tv or sports so we're happy with the channels we've got.

Like DB1874 says: for BBC and ITV you will need a bigger dish, 2 meters.
Although I heard from someone in Krakow that he receives these channels on a 1.80 meter dish. He runs a satellite shop (

It was a hassle to have the card activated here in Poland as we had to ask a friend in the UK call Sky to do this. At the same time he was talking to Sky he was also on the phone to us as Sky asks for certain codes etc.

Apparently you're not supposed to use Sky outside of the UK and they can refuse to help you when you call from abroad. Silly really with all these British Expats living all over Europe.
14 Aug 2007
Travel / Which city is better to visit: Warsaw or Krakow? [169]

I prefer Krakow because it still has this oldy worldy charm. It's not as big and busy as Warsaw, it's cosy, friendly and just beautiful.

Warsaw is a modern city, yes it has the so called "Old Town" which is actually not old, it's just a reproduction as it was destroyed during the war.

Warsaw is nice and has lots of restaurants, bars, shops and everything you need to make your life exciting but Krakow has all this as well.