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8 May 2018
Life / Asking cost of living in Poland [24]


Generally 2500 euro this is really a lot in Poland, average salary was 1160 euro in 2017 but many people earn 400-600 euro per month.

For an 2/3 bedroom, renovated apartment you may pay 500-800 euro + utilities around 100 euro + TV and Internet 30 euro but look for an apartment where this is included

I can't say nothing about Indian style food but generally when you eat at home you may spend 10-15 euro pay day per person, lunch in a restaurant 5 euro if cheap, 10 euro in better restaurants. This is my point of viev.

Clothes and electronic equipments are quite expensive in Poland.

I found also some data for a family with 2 children (cost of living for an average standard in Poland):

Renting a flat - 320 euro
Food - 420 euro
Transport - min 100 euro
Clothes - 125 euro
Education (children) - 50 euro
Other needs - 100 euro

Summarizing, spending 50-60% of this salary you will be living in quite good standard of a flat and food, and still have a lot of money for entertainment, car, travels, electronic equipments and savings.

I don't give you prices for one, because every family should be together ;)

I hope it was helpful.