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7 May 2018
Law / Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate! [718]

The covering letter does not mention return date or intention to return. It mentions more of facts - why, when, your details and the list of documents attached should be good enough.

I have National D type work visa. I submitted 4 weeks of Schengen travel insurance even though visa asked is for 365 days.


Just mention passport number there.

If it is a permanent job offer, then no need to have return tickets

@abatz No documents need to be apostilled. Just submit copies and have originals handy while submitting
27 Apr 2018
Law / Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate! [718]

I received my work visa recently from Mumbai consulate, so sharing the detailed experience as it was very tough for me to gather information on the process and documents.

Firstly, if you are finding things to be difficult, especially communication to the consulate and what to do next etc, it is simply because things like when dates would open and other things are not properly organized including the IT infrastructure.

However, once you are able to submit your application things are generally smooth.

1. The dates open ideally on Monday 10pm as mentioned on the website. However, there is no guarantee that it would. You need to keep trying in the morning 9-11 slot and afternoon 3pm and later for all days in the week. The appointment dates at the Mumbai consulate are open mostly after a month of when you are applying. For eg: If you search for dates on 20th April, the dates for appointment would be roughly 20th May; you might receive options of 3-5 consecutive dates depending on the empty slots. So bear this in mind while planning.

Before filling up the form on the website, it is better you already have a PDF ready from the left menu (National visa - Fill out the form ) This will enable you to fill up the online form quickly, avoid mistakes and submit when you are getting the appointment. The only difference between the two forms will be that while actually booking you will get an email confirmation on the date and time of appointment.

2. For the work visa, the website has a pdf with list of documents to be attached. This is pretty clear. I had submitted invitation letter and bank statement on top of what was mentioned. But I guess, if you don't it should be fine. While submission ensure everything is in the order. This will help the person receiving your application to cross-check. Once submitted, they will give you a token with number printed on it. This number will show up on the website in 12-20 days, post which you can go and collect your passport. The decision is only known then, not on the call or email. While the website mentions it takes 14 days, there is a chance it will be more. Mine was 17 days.

3. Work permit original document is needed for verification at the time of submission. But it is better to keep all originals possible, just in case.

4. I recently read in this thread that some work visas are getting rejected; curious to know why so that it may help other people.

5. Some documents I personally think are most important: Invitation letter, Employment contract, flight and Work permit. I had also submitted a covering letter with details of purpose of visits, passport etc.

6. I missed on the payment part earlier. It needs to be made at ADCB (the fees is now 4900). The bank is bang outside the Churchgate station, easy to find. Make a payment and collect the pink slip for submission. The consulate is near to this bank (5mins by taxi and 20 mins walk).

That's what I remember for now. Will post more details, if I find them to be important.

Feel free to shoot questions, if any. I'd be happy to help.
16 Dec 2017
Work / Salary & cost of living in Warsaw, Poland [29]


Cost of living in Warsaw


I am moving to PL from India. the cost of relocation like flights and visa/permit etc will be paid by the organization. I will be getting 14k gross and wife will get 6.7k gross

What is the cost of renting a 3 room or 2bhk apartment in Mokotow/Ochota/Ursynow? How does one usually rent? Is the tenant expected to pay commission to the middlemen usually?

How much is the cost of grocery considering vegetarian diet? Fruits/vegetables, lentils, rice etc? Are there Indian grocery stores and restaurants?

Is public transportation well developed and the cost? Are other curricular activities well developed like sports? Also would be good to be get an estimate to the potential savings I can hope to make. I will calculate the cost of annual trip to India separately. Is travel costly to other parts of EU? I think Eastern region is usually much cheaper than Western ones like France/Germany.