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2 Feb 2018
Love / Dating in Poland not able to speak Polish [24]

You can learn a few Polish sentences to help you introduce yourself to others. You can also join a Polish dating site that has an English version.
2 Feb 2018
Love / Would Polish people mind dating someone from Mexico? [12]

This will depend on the particular Polish girl, some may be open to dating Mexican men, some may not, depending on their experience or the experience someone close to them have had with a Mexican.
2 Feb 2018
Love / My boyfriend is on a Polish dating site [158]

This is very hard to believe, I think he's looking for someone else. If not he'd join a site for friendship, not a dating site.
2 Feb 2018
Love / What do Polish girls think about dating Asian guys? [133]

It is hard to generalize, each Polish girl has her own preference. A lot will depend on the girl's experience with Asian guys, or the experience her close friends and family have had with Asian men. But generally I think Polish women are open to dating Asian guys.
2 Feb 2018
Love / Not used to dating a Polish man [28]

I believe you've spoken to him about it, if not, please do. Let him know how his behavior makes you feel.If he still doesn't change, then I think you should move on with someone who'll treat you the way you want.
1 Feb 2018
Love / Younger Polish girl 24 dating old man [21]

She's most likely after your dad's wealth, if she's not, it'd be strange for her to want to be with him considering the age gap. But stranger things do happen in this world. I hope the truth comes out soon.