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28 Feb 2018
Language / Declining a number. Polish declination grammar. [7]

Here's at least some stuff for feminine numbers (presented in that large list):
Otherwise, it should still be osiemdziesiąt sześć for accusative masculine.
17 Dec 2017
Work / Poland's Internships for English Speakers w/ Polish A2 [2]

I am wondering if anyone knows of internship programs in Poland related to business (logistics or the like) for Americans who have a huge interest in Poland/the Polish language, but who don't have a working proficiency in it yet. I would love a program that could also provide good future benefits or language learning sponsorship. Thanks!
25 Nov 2017
Love / My wife cheated on me abroad with a Polish guy [35]

Honestly, you're in a tough situation. I would personally divorce her if she did something like this to me. Let her go waste her life away with him and find someone else who loves you for who you are. Powodzenia.
24 Oct 2017
History / POLAND: EASTERN or CENTRAL European country? [1080]

As an American, we usually consider it to be Eastern Europe because we're all the way out here, but Poland is arguably Central Europe...
6 Oct 2017
Language / When to use celownik (dative) in Polish language? [11]

@DominicB most people understand the difference, but past continuous can sometimes be used interchangeably. Past continuous means that someone did something in the past for a time (maybe frequently or maybe intermittently), but don't do it anymore. Np. I was eating lunch. I ate (simple past) lunch. They mean essentially the same thing. It's also colloquial to say: "I used to clean my shoes." This means that I cleaned my shoes for a period of time in the past, but now I may not do it...Get it?
4 Oct 2017
Language / Melody of Polish and listening skills [8]

What is the melody of Polish? What should I look for when listening? Also, how do I improve my listening skills, because It's very difficult for me...
4 Oct 2017
Language / The use of 'sobie' in Poland's language [16]

What about his sentence?
"Jechała autobusem i robiła sobie makijaż. Gdy kontroler poprosił ją o bilet, wpadła w szał ("
3 Oct 2017
Language / The use of 'sobie' in Poland's language [16]

How does one use 'sobie?' I once read a very different grammar site on Polish active and passive voice, and in that was a section about 'sobie.' It mentioned something to the effect of that you are able to use sobie after most statements and it would change the meaning just slightly. I cannot remember the site so maybe I can find it soon.

Np. Czytam sobie książkę v. Czytam książkę

I once asked about the above two sentences and people tend to say they mean the same exact thing, but what do you think? Does it ever change the meaning of the sentence/verb? Thanks!