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4 Oct 2017
Real Estate / Buying land to build on near Czestochowa [15]

As far as I remember who does not hold permit to settle is not allowed buy a house.I do not know about buying a land and build a house how it works.

- If you aren't a farmer, you won't be allowed to buy land.

If you would like to be a farmer you have to graduate from agriculture university so that means also he is not allowed to get any grants or social benefits.
1 Oct 2017
Law / Polish Husband Left me for another Woman / Abandoning his Wife [5]

I'm afraid you cannot apply for residency card in Poland because you are not living together with your spouse.If you have a valid schengen visa you may travel to EU countries up to 3 months.I do not know about registration of your marriage how it works. Things are seems like bad. Why do not you proof in UK that he cheats you? If you have a valid UK visa it might have been easier for you.