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16 Feb 2017
Law / I applied for Poland's national visa for 2 times and I got refused without convincing reasons [13]

Hello, I applied application for a National visa in the Poland embassy in egypt with all Documents needed that include (acceptance of university(all the fees of the first year are paid), My secondry school certificates, bank statement, Medical insurance, and all the supporting documents).I got refused for the visa for two not convincing reasons that are

1- I didn't clarify the reason of the staying.
2- Doubts of not leaving Polish territory before the expiry date of the visa. After that, I applied an appeal aginst the rejection letter and Answering these 2 reasons with Evidence.

1-I clarified the reason for the stay that I will study Bachelor of physiotherapy, paying all the fees for the first year, reservation of the dorms also is mentioned in the acceptance letter that i got from the university.

2-I applied Property contracts of my Father in Egypt that proving that I will come back after finishing my studies.
3- I also applied Employment contract of My father that proving that He is working As a professor in a university and getting a fixed salary.

then I got also a rejection letter of my appeal And this time without any reasons
All That I need to know that after answering the two reasons of the first rejection letter with evidences why I got a rejection letter again for the appeal and this time without any reasons and Nothing wrong with my documents? additionally,If i applied for the national visa again to complete my studies there are any posibility to get it? if yea what are the more documents that i bring to support me over my documents.

Thx in advance.
16 Feb 2017
Law / I applied for Poland's national visa for 2 times and I got refused without convincing reasons [13]

I think it doesn't matter for another country in EU If i applied for them because i didn't get a stamp in my passport that i was rejected..... and from the first interview they didn't take my passport and also in the appeal they didn't take it and i dunno why?????? but i think it will be an advantage for my case now because they didn't put any stamp in it.

But i heard from many people that like after the 4th time they accepted for the visa they want to get....and not poland embassy specifically i mean about any embassy for example (Germany,Canada) that's why i want to apply again it will be any possibility to get it because i don't need to lose the semester and the fees i paid ......Also i don't have an opportunities to join a physiotherapy here in egypt and this major is not spread in the arabic countries like in the EU
16 Feb 2017
Law / I applied for Poland's national visa for 2 times and I got refused without convincing reasons [13]

Firstly, I think that the Poland embassy didn't send my documents to the immigration, Eu system because how in 2 weeks they send the documents to the Eu system and get the answer So what i think that they take the decision in the embassy not more.....I know a friend applied for a visa from italy embassy and got accepted after many times .........Also i know someone Got rejected from germany embassy and after that he applied to the hungry embassy and got accepted so it doesn't matter if i applied in another embassy that what i want to say. Many people told me the real reason is that Poland doesn't want arabs or muslims to live or study there no more And i dunno it's the real reason that i rejected for it or not .....So what do u think ?
23 Feb 2017
Study / Easy to find a part time job in Poznan? - applying for the University of Poznan of Economics [30]

@boom boom it doesn't bother me but i found him in every post for any student want to study in poland he feel him down about studying in poland and want him to change his plan and to study in his own country i think if he have a postive idea he can add not like that with all the poeple

@DominicB You know when u told me the idea about to not coming to Poland and studying in my own country firstly i i got it as a advice but after seeing all the comments you added to the posts i saw that ur ideas are negative and u want any one to not come to poland So now bro i know that ur advice to me it can enter from my right ear and go out from the left ear in the same second Really i dunno how you are human like that !