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12 Sep 2017
Australia / Newborn girl -ska or -ski ? AUSTRALIA [12]

Many popular actresses from around the world (mainly from USA/Australia) got -ski, for Poles it sounds weird but for non-Polish speakers there is no difference I think.
7 Sep 2017
Life / Which is the best credit card to get in Poland? [8]

Banks in Poland are getting worse and worse. But people say that Bank Millennium, Nest Bank and Idea Bank are the best.
I've got card in BZ WBK and I don't recommend it.
Now I mainly use mBank and I'm happy with it. I'm getting cashback from bought petrol on BP.
7 Jun 2017
Po polsku / Czy moi przodkowie byli Polakami? [3]
Według tego Klimowicz nie jest pochodzenia wschodniego, a przynajmniej nie jest typową odmianą.
7 Jun 2017
Language / Writing time of day and currency amounts - in Poland and in the UK [5]

10.15? I'm Polish and I never used that, I'm always writing 10:15.

1:25 or 01:25

About currencies, we say "fifteen zlotys/dollars/euro", that's why Poles usually writes 15$. It's weird to use zł15 (zł is the symbol like $ or £).
24 May 2017
Off-Topic / How have Albanians wronged Poles in the past? [224]

So i ask, how have Albanians wronged Poles in the past?

We just dont like muslim countries like Albania or Bosnia. Its only about religion and conflict with Kosovo.
3 May 2017
Genealogy / Help with my Polish Names... Nickowol, Olszowy, Smagacz [5]

We've got more than 30 villages/small towns called "Kamień" (it means "Stone"). Around 1900 there was no Poland or Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth because of the partitions in XVIII century. If birth place is Austria it means that was in the southern part of Poland.

Sophia Olszowy = Zofia Olszowy (Ol-sho-vy)
22 Apr 2017
Travel / Road checks of the Police within Poland on the Motorway [8]

Most popular with cameras:
opel vectra, insignia
ford mondeo
skoda superb, octavia
toyota camry
kia cee'd
fiat bravo
volkswagen passat
renault laguna
renault megane
mitsubishi lancer

various colours, gold, yellow, orange, red, beige, maroon, brown, olive, green and dark green, blue and dark blue, silver, gray, graphite and black.

Try Polish app: yanosik. Drivers can warn each other about road checks, unmarked cars, accidents, crashes, traffic, etc.
6 Apr 2017
Life / Why are Muslims seen as a deterrent to Poland? [565]

Rosjanie 22 23 50 5

Russians - sympathy 22%, indifference 23%, reluctance 50%, hard to say 5%

The biggest "reluctance" according to this raport:
Gypsies - 58%
Russians - 50%
Romanians - 43%
Turks - 36%
Palestinians - 36%
Jews - 32%
Ukrainans - 32%
6 Apr 2017
Law / How long can you drive a car registered in another EU country in Poland? [2]

If you are in Poland and you bought the car on foreign plates, you have 30 days to register car in Poland. If you are from EU and you've got a car registered in EU I don't see any problem with driving in Poland ;) Just remember about your driving license, ID and registration document (of your car) together with liability insurance. Some people register new cars in Czech Rep. or Lithuania to pay less and they can drive without any problems.

About police hmmm, if you don't brake the traffic law, no one will care about you (unless you've got German plates, some Poles buys cars form Germany and they do not register them in Poland). You can meet many different foreign plates in Poland, e.g.: Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainan, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, British, German etc. Fines are the same for everyone, do not try to bribe police officer (you pay fines via bank transfer, if you are not sure how to do this, you can go to post office, they take about 10pln for that) unless you know someone.

If you want to register a car, check this:
2 Apr 2017
Law / Question about the drinking laws of Poland. [45]

You need to be 18 to buy alcohol, cigarettes and fireworks (they're mostly available near 31st December). If you look like you're under 20 they will ask for ID (many shopkeepers dont recognize driving license even if you are over 18 and still looks like a you are not).
26 Mar 2017
Food / Australian cafe in Cracow [3]

You want to serve some Australian things or just decorate it in Australian style? Anyway both options sounds fine, many Poles have someone in their family who lives in Australia ;)
26 Jan 2017
Work / How much is a good salary for a manager at software company in Poland? [7]

I found some information about salaries in 2015:

Director (or manager??) - 15 000 pln
Head of Department - 9 000 pln
Specialist - 5 550 pln

In 2016 (specialists):
database administrator - 8 800 pln
lan/wlan network administrator - 7 605 pln
system designer - 7 500 pln
erp systems - 6 867 pln
database programmer - 6 332 pln
system administrator - 5 784 pln
graphic artist - 5 013 pln
serviceman - 4 742 pln
engineer support - 4 580 pln