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4 Sep 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

Now that is the sort of silliness up with which I will not put - Winston Churchill.

Why are you not surprised that I prefer Marilyn Manson music over Oasis? Oasis are a bit boring, Manson plays heavier, more versatile music and has more interesting voice than either of the Gallagher brothers. Was Churchill trying to be funny there or was it you? I ask because you are a funny girl.

an you tell me of a few such Polish dances?


I see you've been influenced by my illustrious countryman Oscar Wilde. Now tell me to which of Oscar's epithets I refer.

To his gay one, he dressed like a girl but since I'm gay now I may do the same, do you have those hot leather skirts that are the new thing? I want to know if they feel the same as my biker shorts (I seriously, do have them). Polonez is a sexual dance and we really do not need Oscar Wild to tell us that, so I do not see your point, what point are you making Atcha? You are trying hard to make a point, I like it.

We don't have time..........

You would have time if I was Ziemo, you always explain to him his shortcomings but his mind is just like a brick wall that can not be penetrated - Oscar Wilde (while he was in bed and thinking about the Winston Churchill's head)
4 Sep 2016
Life / I am moving to Warsaw. (Could anyone tell me about life there?) [49]

he is not going on holiday, he is going to study. and everybody likes to eat familiar food.

He is only in the country temporarily and should be naturally curious to try foreign thing, but no he is like you English, looking for McDonald's when visiting Spain, no wonder you associate with this type of reasoning. Polish set up shops with Polish food not for Polish tourists obviously but for those Polish who live and work in foreign countries permanently or for many years, see the difference? Polish people do not come to foreign nation and look for Polish shops with food in them, we are curious about different things other cultures have to offer, Asians and English are not that curious, they always look for things that are either the culturally same or similar to their own, they like to shop to find cheap bargain, and eat own national food, that is why the OP here set up this thread.

I mean I'm not looking for the famous brands :)

Nobody would accuse you of that, you like to dress cheaply we all get it, you are not the first foreigner who comes to Poland looking only for cheapest clothes for fear of having to spend a penny. We have Americans and Europeans from Western Europe shopping here in the cheapest chops imaginable afraid to spend a dollar despite the currency differences favouring them; when a westerner is spotted shopping in more exclusive places it is a rarity, so I am no longer surprised by your and other foreigners' cheap approach.

Have a cheap day and I wish you a cheap luck!
3 Sep 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

Ok then Citizen Troll.

No, I like the Gay one more but Citizen Troll is a good one too, I leave you the choice. I could be the most famous Polish gay from Sussex.

Sadly, CT you can't understand that Irish people love that kind of thing and it only endears Ziemusz to me even further.

? What can't I understand? Sadly, you are thinking in your terms, I found it funny how you got fooled, I had a laugh, that is all, nothing more, nothing less to it, relax a bit. You think that I assume some dissonance is taking place, that's your problem and your bad judgement of character, but this is what came across a lot in western countries, you think in negative terms of others, you must be like that too or people who surround you.

Also Poles treat things like folk dance with a sort of reverence which strips it of its original function as a form of celebration and expression of joy.

You must give me some evidence of Polish perfectionism because we are far from being perfectionists. However, yeah, we seem neurotic to most westerners, it's just the way it is. Also, I think you may have gone to some folk music concert and saw Polish people stand there and just watch the dance, well, what else are we suppose to do? We don't jump up and down at concerts like Americans do, we listen to the music, to the words, we watch the spectacle, the movements and we absorb it all; it is more meaningful that way. Music or dance is not just a celebration of joy, it may also be a sexual encounter (a form of courting between men and women like Polonez is) like rock and roll which was meant to carry a sexual subtext. It may also be a reminiscence of past, sad or cruel events, nothing to do with joy or celebration.

I am amazed that you are so young and yet you are so brilliant, Sussexgay!

No, you are the brilliant one, the way you sweep women off their computer desk chairs is uncanny.
3 Sep 2016
Life / I am moving to Warsaw. (Could anyone tell me about life there?) [49]

And do you know any places to buy Asian cooking ingredients?

So you visit a foreign country for first time and all you eat is your own Asian food? When people go on holidays to different places they want to experience culture of that place but not you and many Asians I noticed do the same, they just can not eat anything that is not Asian.
3 Sep 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

the slowest one is kujawiak.

Visually Polonez appears as the slowest.

Ooh Ziemusz that's fun, guess the dance! I know what the Polonaise looks like so it's definitely not that. It looks pretty boisterous so I'm guessing oberek??

He he he, that's funny, grandpa Ziemow tricked you but he wasn't even trying (it wouldn't be the first time he tricked a woman - viagra does wonders!), I have to apologise to Lenka, what a goose. The accidental trick that's now a joke is much better than your "Hello Sassexgay!" when I actually laughed at you. You now made me laugh three times, other time was when you made fun of me and it worked for the first time, it was actually funny!

In my polemical fervour I too sometimes make sweeping statemtns.

Yeah, I wrote in general, for those few once every few years for me seem like nothing. In some even bigger cities there is almost nothing of a sort happening. In contrast in Pomeranian region there is something happening on regular basis.

The only way to get this kind of practice going again is for schools to organise it and get the kids out there doing it.

Yes, that's right, schools and homes are where children learn and then as adults pass it on but at the moment it looks bad. Polish have tendency to perfectionism? It's a mixture of chaos with some perfectionism usually. The problem lies somewhere else, it is something of a phenomenon.
2 Sep 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

The cities were largly planned, designed, run and developed by Germans, Jews

I didn't know Jews designed our cities, what the hell? Are you sure? What would they know about designing European cities? Have you seen Israel? It is not exactly a work of art. I know, however, that Italians definitely designed our country's urban dwellings for most of our ancient history but our kings consulted with our local talent also, from time to time. Other major designers were the Dutch, the played a part in designs in the west and north of Poland. I haven't heard anything about Germans or Jews.

Slowly that lost trove of very rich and vibrant culture is been rediscovered.

Rediscovered? You are not entirely correct. In communism our culture thrived but after WWII came a period of darkness and Russians came to be associated with the worst kind because the terror endured far longer than the War itself but during later decades things improved, our educational system became one of the best (with no exaggeration) in Europe and People were culturally adept. This was a great period, people had many different aspirations unlike today: money. People were knowledgeable, conversed a lot, partied a lot and of course complained about communism all the time. The culture was there and even Catholic Church enjoyed due freedom and respect. Compare this to today's culture, I do not see people have fun on Smigus Dyngus, people speculate whether to buy each other gifts for Christmas, church attendance is lower than ever, there are no public festivals where we could see folk art in action, we also don't have much of the old school tradition of fortune telling form a key, all this and much, much more was present in communist times, so you have it backwards: it is now that we are witnessing our cultural decline.

Comparing histories of Ireland and Poland is like compering apples and oranges.

Not entirely, both Irish and Slavic people were slaves at considerable periods of their nations' histories.

Poles believe that all the interesting, colourful, trendy and sophisticated things must be imported,

Yes, that is what I think too, but why are we like that?! It is pathetic that our countryside carries our culture and our middle class is following something else.

Our language is probably actually the only thing that we lost and even at that, people like myself at least still have some knowledge of it.

I understand. However, I think if a language is still alive it can be reintroduced into the mainstream, it is not quite lost, I think it is convenient for some authorities to keep English language where it is in Ireland.

Now, now, to jest bardzo nie Ĺ‚adne to call a lady 'rubbish'.

Some creatures are never ladies and a woman to me is a lady, so those females who don't behave like women do not belong in a world of women or ladies, examples include Rozumiemnic who swears her head off at an instant or Paulina who is unstable, bitter, low and nasty (I now have to post this fragment to her and the other to Rozumiemnic).

Despite being not only a Catholic country, but one that Christianised much of Europe, the old pagan traditions survived alongside the Catholic ones.

I know that, only stupid Poland does the idiotic thing.Catholic Church in Poland would gain a lot if it loosened up a little when it comes to accepting our Slavic pagan heritage, Dziady is a very old tradition, it is rooted in our Slavic foundations. I think that if in Ireland - a stronghold for Catholic religion - a pagan tradition can coexist with such notoriety alongside Christian traditional framework then in Poland it can do as well.
1 Sep 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

I agree. That's the problem I often had (and still do, I guess) with some of the Western posters here - instead of just attacking the attacker (usually a Pole or a Polish-American) they would attack Poland/Poles/anything Polish or American Polonia in general. it simply shows what they really think,

Correct! Why this late? Why didn't you then back me up when I was defending Poland from those Western vultures so many times here? You actually joined them. Nobody here stood up for Polish culture as much as I have, where were you? You are an uptight, ignorant individual all around who should be the last person to talk about Poland here or patriotism, you don't know anything about it, you are only good at petty words, spitting them out century after the event has already happened. Your comment above is spot on but funny thing is when I was making comments like that I was slammed by rubbish like you.

That's why the meat is better. It's just a fact.

I have never heard anything about Irish food or meat being any good, that does not mean that it can not be good or very good but nothing about it ever has been mentioned anywhere. I have tasted Irish food and it was similar to English food. Maybe Irish meat is good or better than Polish meat but I would be surprised if this was so. However, Polish deli is superb, and I know for a fact, that the meat itself is premium, at least in most cases. The taste of Polish meat products is outstanding and if we were more proficient in business we would be selling all over the world our meat products like hot cakes, but we are not business oriented in the slightest. Polish food is so versatile and delicious that I am shocked that we have not made anything out of it to improve our economy.

Yes, and what are you doing importing Hallowe'en from Ireland????That's our ancient tradition, not yours. Do you know where you're getting it from? America.

Correct! However, you got it wrong about us not having anything to do with Hallowe'en, we have Dziady which is almost identical to Hallowe'en, only we don't celebrate Dziady anymore. We are being complete, total idiots, we pushed it into the corner pretending it doesn't exist because it is so evil to talk about pagan festivals. Yet, we keep in a somewhat distorted form imposed by Catholic Church whereby we celebrate the Day of All Saints (Wszystkich Swietych) when we go to a cemetery and visit the graves of our ancestors. During communism it was called more appropriately: "The Day of the Dead" but even then we did not celebrate Dziady.

I do not know if there is another nation in this world which is aware of having had a festival like Dziady, keeps ignoring it, yet relives it in a distorted manner through Catholic tradition and then celebrates almost the same pagan tradition in the form of borrowed festival like Hallowe'en just because it is celebrated widely in USA. What is wrong with Polish culture????? Lenka, what do you say about that one?

It's impossible to fake a knowledge of Irish through such a thing because it translates literally

I had no idea Irish language was like that, looks like a very interesting language, very different from English (visually, at least). Why it is not more widespread in public and/or spoken instead of English then?
1 Sep 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

I feel it only right to set things straight with the truth.

You want to teach Paulina a lesson regarding her views (distorted or not) on American politics then why don't you go on American forum, for this is a Polish forum, get the idea yet?

Hilary Clinton is a dykhead and works most likely for the Zionists but Polish people do not have the responsibility to know that so take it easy here with lesson teaching. It would also serve you right to learn more about Polish politics since you are on PF instead of rumbling about American political scene.
1 Sep 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

"Pure Form" compared to what ? lol

Compared to African American versions of it. What originated in USA is not what has been associated with rock and roll for most of its history. Its sound has undergone a profound change with an introduction of a guitar. We can either say that the pure form of rock and roll stayed in the 50s and that a pseudo version of it is known internationally today or we can say that what was before was not rock and roll and that its pure form emerged later out of African American gospel music having been revised and polished in Britain, for when I hear American, so called, rock and roll made by Caucasians I hear mess and scream but when I hear British rock I hear a distinct sound of guitar, piano etc. Compare Marylin Manson with Oasis, both bands are regarded as rock and roll sounding ones, come on, really? While I prefer the music of Marylin Manson I think the latter one is rock and roll, whereas, the former is ...whatever music.
31 Aug 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

Never heard anyone singing them and do you know why? Because they don't know them

Well, you proved me wrong but not entirely, Irish may be your native language but how many Irish know it? I think not many know it enough to communicate in it. It is a neglected part of Irish culture. However, I am impressed by your Irish language skills, I translated some of it through internet translator (not very accurate system) and it seems you know a bit of it and I am inclined to believe you know much more of it. Good stuff there.

Irish beef or meat better than Polish meat??? I do not think any Irish meat industry can compete with Polish one.

I agree with you for the first time in the most part regarding your comments about what has become of Polish culture and that it is a shame and shame on Polish people for not noticing it enough. It is increasingly becoming Macdonalds culture. However, you are not entirely correct, a lot of people are familiar with folk songs, folk culture survives in Poland somehow (it is still holding on but little is done by too few people to make it more widespread and prominent) but it is not visible enough and now days seems like it's not there anymore. Even Irish people cultivate their old traditions better than we do, what a shame but true, not only we have almost wiped out the remnants of Slavic (Slavic pagan being the origin) culture away but whatever we produced after is also disappearing fast, just like Christian traditions are being wiped out. So you are for the most part absolutely correct!

If you think Polish culture doesn't exist because you didn't meet ppl singing folk songs from memory than you are just one silly goose.

Lenka I am shocked!! You are defending Poland so fiercely for the first time ever, I am starting to like you again (I always liked you), you are confusing me, your patriotism is out of balance but I am very happy that you are able to stand up for Poland so strongly. Sadly, I can not really agree with you, as usual your insight is just lacking insight, Atch can see it better. The fact that Irish look after their ancient culture better than us is not even (for the most part) due to their high western ego but their pride and stronger ties with their traditions. We are in comparison the goose, the goose that just follows what is new because we associate our own with poverty and therefore unworthy, how misleading, we throw our traditions away to be more western (because it's better, because the west is richer - that's how we think - how shallow) while some westerners cultivate their old cultures. It is us, Polish who are the idiots, take a good look around. Also, we are too lazy now days to take care of our traditions. We constantly are being told how pagan or Slavic traditions are out of date and too eastern or Catholics tell us how barbaric and silly these are, and then we even reject these days our Catholic traditions, I wonder what will there be in the end left for us. Our Polish culture now compared to that of even 15 , 10 or dare say 5 years ago differs and is getting worse at ever faster rate.
28 Aug 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

What on God's earth? Country music! That's the roots of rock and roll..

R&B is the root of rock and roll, that's fantastic, only Jerry Lee Lewis would know shyse about blues and Little Richard the same = zero, blues represents struggle with white man's oppression and racism of African people and we Polish can relate to blues more than Jerry Lee Jewish or commercial product Little Richard can. In any case, it has nothing to do with what I have written, I was referring to rock and roll not its roots, rock and roll in its pure form came from Britain and in Ireland became the top sound with Irish climbing the top of the rock and roll ladder.

I forgot about something, Irish and British (yes, Welsh and Scottish and whatever the rest) eat the same bad food, cook the same bad food, and even hunt for animals for the same reasons (yeah, it's legal for Irish and British to kill animals for sport) and then spoil the hunted meat (if they bother eating it) with their bad Anglo-Celtic cooking (you heard of Anglo-Celts right?).

As for Irish language it is very rare, most Irish do no know a word of it, funny how U2 sing in English, has Bono ever uttered one single Irish word in public? You and Smurf are not the best examples of Irish lingo, not to mention, who is here to check the extent of your knowledge anyway? You know why nobody can check your proficiency? It's because even Irish on PF do not know Irish he he.
26 Aug 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [212]

moved from:

Hello Sussexgay! No we don't share an Anglo-Saxon culture. I don't think you know what Anglo-Saxon means.

That's funny. Germanic tribes: Celts, Anglos, Jutes and Saxons were the main groups that made up the population, aside from Britons (Mediterranean dudes), that today's Caucasian British descended from. Britons disappeared mixing in with Celts in today's Ireland and others in today's Britain. Scientists have not found any genetic differences between Irish and British, both populations come from the same German stock and remained the same. Culturally they are also the same: both populations speak the same language (Irish, Welsh and Scottish are used only as bits here and there by minority groups and it can said these exist in fantasy land as nobody hears them spoken anywhere really); share the same music (Celtic and British folk music sounds the same, rock and roll came from Britain and Irish were its pioneers along with the British); are emotionally subdued (Irish, Scottish and Welsh are more volatile but fundamentally their reactions and behaviour does not differ from that of the British or English); both follow law and order even if it kills them and if it kills unfortunate others; both united once under Christian Catholic rule (until "unique" English decided they wanted to be cool and different). I could go on and on.
10 Jul 2016
Love / Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED [46]

Thats why UK have voted to pull out of the EU they dont need foreigners either right ?

UK better keep quiet about foreigners since it is this nation that caused most wars and colonized most lands in countries where most of Its immigrants come from. So you deserve all you get now. During and after WWII you treated Polish people like rubbish (you still do) and now you complain about Polish foreigners? Serves you right, I hope Polish people take over more and more jobs in UK - in time higher positions await for Polish migrants.
10 Jul 2016
Love / Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED [46]

Hahaha I would never want a child with another polski.

Correction, it's not another "polski" debilski, it's another "Polka" written and pronounced with declination and starting with a capital letter (insulting Polish women and Polish people by deliberately using small letters should bring your post and thread to the attention of moderators and an administrator) - a mastery of which is beyond you as is Polish woman.
10 Jul 2016
Love / Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED [46]

If someone hides their income (like signing company over to some family member) and say they don't have any income it may be the only way.

Exactly, men often do that and this ........ has come here complaining while he is the ...... artist. Good on the Polish woman for doing what she did (if this story is true at all).
9 Jul 2016
News / Polish flag in dog sh*t + the "Imperium" movie [37]

Destroying the country's democracy for one.

This is from the guy who reads gazeta wyborcza for a living, the sane newsscraper that prints bias against Poland and Polish people. Anti-Polonism is ripe in gazeta wyborcza and whoever supports it is anti-Poland and that is obvious to most Polish people, thet newspaper lost many readers and keeps on loosing as Polish people are waking up to the truth. It is usually those who support gazeta wyborcza are also those who support KOD, TVN, Polsat, TV24 and those parties that people of Poland do not support, what does it say about those people? Anti-Polish.

Should disrespectful public displays of this kind be against the law?

In any other self-respecting nation Marek Raczkowski, Kuba Wojewodzki and Krzysztof Stelmaszczyk (polonised German surname often carried by Polish Jews who came from Germany) would be in jail but not in our country.