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19 Jun 2016
Real Estate / Mortgage in Poland (rules, rates, types, websites)? [26]


I have a similar question. My wife and I are looking to buy a small place in Poland somewhere near family but intend to continue living/working in the UK. Does anyone have any experience/advice in getting a mortgage for a place in Poland whilst continuing to live in the UK?
19 Jun 2016
Polonia / Polish satellite TV abroad [40]

Merged: Polish Satellite TV in the UK

DzieƄ dobry!

My wife and I live in the UK and have got a satellite dish aiming at Hotbird 13 so get the free to air polish TV channels.

Whilst I'm aware you can buy polsat NT+ etc boxes and CAMs/Cards from resellers in the UK does anyone know if I would be able to pick up a pre-paid subscription when we are next in Poland?

Many thanks in advance!
19 Jun 2016
Love / Any suggestions for wedding venues in South of Poland [28]


We got married in Poland last year and it was FANTASTIC! We got married just outside Kielce, which is two hours north of Krakow in a place called Zamek Sobkow which I cant recommend enough!

In terms of corkage - you only seem to have to pay that in Krakow and Warsaw - its not a normal thing to pay in Poland. This is the other thing about polish weddings - its all included usually . And by all I mean 5 meals, venue etc etc. You need to cover the cake, alcohol of soft drinks (tea/ coffee normally included), the band, photographer. But you dont get ripped like you would in the UK with charges for cakes stand, red carpet etc etc. The only extra's we had to pay for were fireworks (recommended - that's a lot of fireworks!) and local meats.

As long as one of you speaks Polish I wouldn't bother with a wedding planner either - I may try and find someone to sort out the actual getting married bit - bureaucracy is epic! We had a civil service in the UK and the whole religious thing over there.

Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.