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22 Apr 2016
News / Jurisprudence III RP style -- triumph of lawlessness in Poland [33]

Being Polish yes my opinion is valid.

And no I have never ever heard anybody tell me they dont like the third republic or that they want the law stopping.

Polomius you sound really filled with hate. If your a Christian then you should look long and hard at your conscience and ask your self if your Demons are winning.

I bet youre a good guy underneath it and dont mean what you say here
22 Apr 2016
News / The only three normal cities with any respect for humanity in Poland [99]

It's the establishment who collects my taxes who are not fulfilling their humanitarian responsibilities.

We have to always ask what Jesus would have done and he would not have said no room at the inn. More people is a good thing in Poland and the mayors of those three cities are right