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30 Mar 2016
Work / Working for a UK company - National Insurance and income tax in Poland (being resident here) [3]

Just found out (guess I didn't research thoroughly) that as I am working for a UK company, even though I'm resident in Poland, I still need to pay NI contributions in UK. This is a rather large expense I hadn't counted on.

HMRC tell me that I an entitled to an A1 certificate, with informs Polish authorities that I pay National Insurance in UK and, therefore, do not pay it in Poland. However, I did not think NI existed here. Please can someone help me understand how the NI & Income Tax works here?

I had originally thought that income tax works like:

0% up to zl 3,091 - plus
18% up to zl 85,828 - plus
32% over 185,844.06

Does this include an element of National Insurance (which I'm hoping I will not need to pay)?

I'm getting a bit worried that I might have seriously underestimated my Finances. :-(

24 Mar 2016
Work / Registering for Tax in Poland [2]

Hi all.
I am working and living in Poland (Bydgoszcz), but still employed by my UK company. HMRC has now sorted out my NT tax code, so I don't pay tax in UK. How do I now register as a taxpayer here? Also, anyone out there know their way around Polish tax regulations? I.e. allowable expenses / other deductables. I am pretty clued up on UK tax system and have done many tax returns in UK (I am an accounting and Finance Systems professional) but something tells me tax over here is going to be a hell of a lot more confusing, and I seriously doubt I can complete returns online (hahahaha).
24 Mar 2016
Life / Banking - Does Direct Debit (or similar payment scheme) exist in Poland? [2]

Good Morning y'all.
Quick question... Does Direct Debit (or similar payment scheme) exist in Poland? It seems that I am paying all my bills as and when the invoices arrive, but I don't know if this is simply because of what I've been advised.

Seems a bit mad that phone bills, utilities, internet, etc can't be paid by Direct Debit. It's too many bills to keep track of on a regular basis.

23 Mar 2016
Food / Possible to find Indian vegetarian food in Poland? [17]

Merged: Curry - The missing link in Poland

Hello to all Indian fans.
I have been living in Poland for 4 months and was really missing a decent curry. Back home, it was a bit of a staple - I love cooking curries. Alas, I had no luck in the local shops / supermarkets (Kaufland, Biedronka, Lidl - even in Tesco) finding Indian ingredients. I really wanted to find something like Patak's or Sharwood's sauces, pasted, pickles, chutneys, etc.

But, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered Auchan. Hooray!! Best supermarket EVER...!

Not only did they have all the Indian things I missed, they have a fantastic range of beers (including real ale) and their fresh meat selection is unrivalled. The large Auchan near Ikea in Fordon (Bydgoszcz) is superb. The only problem is that I don't have a car yet, so it will not be a regular shopping venue for a while. :-(

But, there is now hope. I now have all the things I was missing from home... decent bacon, cheese (yes, I found some fantastic mature cheddar in Biedronka), real ale and curry.
23 Mar 2016
Life / Best broadband supplier in Poland [19]

Thanks for the advice. Can't PM at the moment, just joined and need to post at least 2 'useful' forum messages.

It is mainly for work, but everything in the flat (laptops, pc, ipads, phones and TV) all connect - bandwidth is very prohibitive, tried jury rigging an old wifi router from UK to act as a gateway, but didn't make a lot of difference. Will only need one static IP, so I can VPN more securely into my UK office.

Slowly learning that everything here is all about the gloss... scratch a little deeper and you find layers of red tape and bureaucracy (and limitations that are professed not to exist).

Still, I love living here and don't have any plans to move back to the UK any time soon - as long as my company keeps paying me and is happy for me to work remotely.

Hi All
My wife and I have just bought a flat in Bydgoszcz and I'm looking for the best options for internet.

We have a LTE mobile connection from Play, but I have just learned that the 'Unlimited' deal is not actually unlimited. Because of the volume of work I do, I am exceeding 100GB a month.

Does anyone know what the best and most cost effective way of getting a decent (and truly unlimited) connection is?

I need:
At least 10MB/s upload and download.
Properly unlimited (or at least 500GB data per month)
Static IP address
Decent wireless router

Any ideas?

23 Mar 2016
Life / Best broadband supplier in Poland [19]

Hi Luke
How did you get on with this?

I'm in exactly the same position. I'm with Play (mobile internet). Although I thought I was getting unlimited data with 10 up / 10 down connection speeds, this is not the case. I am maxing out the unlimited data (hahahaha!) - turns out only limited to 100GB per month. I'm not even downloading movies. It's simply the volume of work I do.

Anyway, did you find a decent provider in the end?

We've just bought a flat in Bydgoszcz centre, so plan to be here a while. So, landline and long contract is fine. Just need massive data and at least 10/10 speeds.