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Guzman Group   
28 Feb 2018
Real Estate / Buying real estate in Poland advice [18]


Real Estate Investments within Poland

Dear all,
Is there anyone who really advice about how to invest in Real Estate and where within Poland? In Warsaw and/or Poznan.
We are Developers.

Guzman Group   
30 May 2016
Classifieds / Random Classifieds Ads Poland [261]

Merged: Zielona Gora & Poznan Real Estate markets

Dear polish citizens,

I´m married with a polish citizen and my wife is from Zielona Gora. I´ve just visited the city only once, in 2012, and also Poznan, as we have family there. My questions are: how is the real estate market in these cities? is getting crazy or still affordable? what about to buy land? still interesting in Zielona Gora? how is offer and demand? I want to invest in Zielona Gora. Poland still the most beautiful country in central Europe by large.

Feel free to add my personal email if you want to offer something or to comment something: franguzman.architect@gmail

I heard...I think as a rumour,,,I´m not sure,,,,that chinese just arrived to the east of poland.....

many thanks to everybody,
cheers and regards
Guzman Group   
12 Feb 2016
Real Estate / Real Estate current condition in Sopot area (checking the market) [21]

Dear all,
I´m a development manager married with a polish lady. I´m interesting to develop a little touristic project in the polish coast, my favourite region is the Sopot area. Could anyone of you guys let me know how is the current market situation in that area? How much is an acre of land? What kind of developments are under construction right now, if so? is any city better than sopot to make a 50 rooms 3 stars hotel project or a simple 20 apartments condominium block? Anyone related with the real estate in that region?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions,