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joe day   
8 Jan 2016
Law / Parental responsibility removal in Poland [18]

James Malone- Can you please contact or update about your outcome. I have moved to Gorzow after my child was abducted from Scotland. The Polish family court in Gorzow sided with the known child abductor citing article 13 and they stated doctors evidence a child of my daughters age needed her mother as it could psychologically affect my 2 year old daughter. Now she is looking to take me to court on 09/03/16 to remove my parental rights. I have moved to Poland to be close to my daughter. I have given up everything to be with her and still get very little time. It's up to my ex and this depends on her mood and how she feels day to day. Polish family courts treat fathers here like dirt but foreigners like me really mean nothing. My daughter cries for me to stay and play with her and my ex tells me to leave. I actually watch the mental and psychological abuse she commits against my daughter and I. I hope you have some positive news as i understand your struggle. It's painful. I'm near the end of it here. Hope we can communicate soon. Take care Joe